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05-17-08, 01:37 PM
Hi im a poolee leaving for boot camp sept. 8th 2008. But a week ago I had to get surgery on my foot and I am on crutches for six weeks and cant run for 12 weeks. which isnt a that big of a proble...

05-17-08, 02:26 PM
Thank you for the question is it a good one. You may find answers to your questions within Leatherneck with some research on your part.

Does Sgt.Hockenberry know that you have had the surgery done?

First and formost make sure that Sgt Hockenberry knows about this with all of the deatails. What you will need to be prepared for is to explain everything that happened, keep a journal on how your own progress is going above all have the orthopedic surgeon aware that you will be leqaving for Marine Corps bootcamp and when. You will have to be medically cleared by BUMED the Navy and Marine Corps authority for medical waivers. It can take up to a year to clear depending on how BUMED looks at the suregery and your prognosis by your doctor. The Marine Corps doesn't want what to see you at MCRD with medical problems from a surgery. To answer your questions about medical pins and implants this doen't disqualify you what so ever. I worked with a father in New Orleans a little over two years ago it was rough going at times but his son was qualified after he kept imaculate records and built his own case for the record that BUMED will require. Make sure that your parents are involved as much as possible to ensure them that you are being treated fairly and medically. As I said these are excellent questions.

Please aks away but do some research. That you for taking the time to ask and for enlisting in the greatest military force on the planet. The United States Marine Corps

Gunny out