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05-17-08, 06:22 AM
Alfred State student will graduate and deploy
Updated: 05/16/2008 07:01 AM
By: Kat De Maria

ALFRED, N.Y. -- "Let Tyler graduate. Maybe we can change his fate," chanted friends, family and teachers of Tyler Bourgeois.

Tyler's fate is sending him to Iraq when he's supposed to be graduating from Alfred State College. But Tyler can't get his diploma in the mail because he's missing one class.

"Tyler's going to deploy. He's going to be four credits short of his Bachelor of Science degree. And after four years of college. It's wrong," said Lori Bourgeois, Tyler's mom.

She said it's wrong because Tyler has some military credits college officials say don't apply.

"It's an injustice for a kid who's going to serve his country," Bourgeois said.

Students and staff who staged a protest Thursday on Tyler's behalf agree.

"Tyler's got support across the board: many different departments, faculty, staff, students," said Jeff Marshall, Tyler's adviser.

"I wish Tyler can get his credits and graduate, you know. He's out serving our country," said Josh Frederick, Tyler's roommate.

Frederick said Tyler's also been trying to figure out a way to meet his graduation requirements.

"It's been difficult for him. On top of his classes and trying to finish school early, he's been meeting with all of the administrators and several different teachers," Frederick said.

The situation continued without a resolution until the morning of the protest when it seems college officials and Tyler worked something out so he can graduate this weekend.

"I believe we have a solution now that will allow him, with some additional testing and additional credits being transferred, to graduate on Sunday," said Alfred State College Provost Ron Rosati.

"I feel good that it's going to be resolved if that's the case. What I'm upset about is this has been going on so long," Lori Bourgeois said.

Although Tyler's mom and others say they're glad it ended well, and in time.

"We are thrilled and it's going to be emotional to see Tyler walk on Sunday," Marshall said.