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05-15-08, 07:52 AM
Marines target traffic fatalities
The Associated Press

WILMINGTON - Marines from Camp Lejeune have to register their vehicles and driving records as part of a new safety order meant to reduce traffic fatalities.

The new safe-driving program comes in the wake of a rash of wrecks. The 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force says more Marines were killed in traffic crashes than in combat.

Motorcycle wrecks are the most frequent. Since January, Marines have been in 15 motorcycle crashes -- more than 80 percent fatal -- caused by excessive speed, alcohol, loss of control and driver fatigue.

The new order requires Marines to register vehicles, insurance information and their driving record with the unit's safety officer by May 22.


05-15-08, 08:02 AM
More Marines Dying at Home than Overseas

Thursday, May 15, 2008 - 07:51 AM Updated: 08:52 AM

By Laura Fowler
Our military men and women risk their lives overseas, but new statistics show more marines are dying here at home.

The Second Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune says more marines have been killed in traffic accidents this year than in combat.

Most of those accidents involved motorcycles.

Since January marines have been involved in 15 motorcycle accidents – 12 of them were fatal.

Officials say most of the accidents were caused by speeding, alcohol, loss of control or driver fatigue.

As a result all marines at Camp Lejeune now have to register their vehicles, insurance information and driving records with a safety officer assigned to each unit.

They have until May 22 to register.