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04-29-03, 04:44 PM
Hey all...
I have my first Poolee meeting coming up this Saturday...what should I expect? I know there's Pull ups, Push Ups, Sit ups, Running...but any specifics about any of them I should keep in mind? Also, is there anything else that I hadn't mentioned that goes on at Poolee meetings? I'm meeting my recruiter at 0600 at his office for the meeting Saturday morning. If anyone could fill me in on what goes on I'd appreciate it.


04-29-03, 06:20 PM
To be honest I think it depends on the recruiting station. I've been to one where they played flag football and had a bar b que.

The one I'm currently at does alot more. The last meeting we had, we had a class about assembly/disassembly of the M-16 by a SSgt from the local reserve station. Then we did an IST, then we were divided up into groups, picked group leaders, and had to compete for Pizzas by popping off knowledge, doing certain endurance and strength tests, etc. That was fun.

While I believe it is the current practice to end every Poolee meeting with an IST, the main portion of the time will be spent doing something else but it is not the same actvity over and over again. Hope I answered your question.

04-30-03, 09:01 AM
I agree with the Jester, some RSS's are a little lax in what they do. My RSS did alot of flag football with an occasional trip to the YMCA to lift, and an IST. I live 300 miles away from that RSS, so I attend another one, courtesy of a Staff Sergeant allowing me the privelige. He does alot for us, such as giving incentives. He set up a mock of the IRON MAN competition, using PT skills and knowledge, with the reward being a K-Bar. We toss some knowledge around, and do alot of PT. I guess it really just matters how involved the NCO's are. Just briefly cruise your knowledge book (if you've been studying), and don't do too much exercise before you do your IST. Don't want no excuses.....:banana: Good Luck

Yours in Intensity,


05-01-03, 04:38 PM
My Poolee Function was moved to a week from this Saturday (the 10th). The new date is going to be a competition of sorts (or so my recruiter says) We're heading out to the Major RSS in the area (Springfield)...What goes on at these competitions? Word has it We're going up against all other Recruiting stations in the MA area. I'm a bit nervous, never done this before!

05-01-03, 05:03 PM

Where are you from in MA?

I was a recruiter in Pittsfield, MA I had all of Berkshire County.

Later I was the MEPS liaison at Springfield MEPS.

05-01-03, 05:06 PM
What you are speaking of sounds like a "Poolee Field Meet." It is a good time and you will compete in individual as well as team events. Good chance to meet other poolees who may be shipping to training the same time as you are. Let me know how it turns out.


05-01-03, 05:09 PM
I'm from Medway, MA, sir. My recruiting station is PCS Milford, Recruiter is Ssgt.Erik Boos. My RSS is Worcester.

Hope that helped.

05-01-03, 07:02 PM

I also ran an RSS just north of Boston, but the area belongs to RS Portsmouth, NH not RS Springfield, MA

Put out a max effort at the field meet!!!


05-01-03, 08:02 PM
Nice area, spent 2 years there with the I & I Staff at the NMCRTC on Plantation avenue.........Made many trips to Boston and Fort Devons.



05-01-03, 08:13 PM

I just drove through there last weekend. I pullled off 290 to get gas around the way from the reserve center. Brought back some memories seeing the 25th Marines HQ!!! I wasn't with them, but put some folks into that unit! One of my old SgtMaj. finished his active duty there.


05-01-03, 11:46 PM
i am also a poolee and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me because i brought me closer to alot of guys that i didnt even know and it was a blast competing against them. i ship out some time in sept i do not know when yet but i hope to learn more about what i am to expect when i go to boot. any input would be great

05-02-03, 07:47 AM
The saturday poolee meetings are pretty fun, you usually have a competition against the other RSS's in your area, the last one I wen to was a three-way soccer game, my RSS crushed the other two :) The time before that we ran the actual Obstacle course that we'll be doing on Paris Island, that was a blast, but it's a pretty tough course and it gets you really tired really fast.

My recruiter also has meeting on wed. just so he can PT with us.

05-02-03, 09:38 AM

The abbreviation for Staff Sergeant is SSgt, notSsgt, Give these men the respect they deserve - as I'm sure the Staff Sergeants on this forum will agree that they are the back bone of the Corps. (They will tell you that they actually run the Corps, and in fact, they probably do!).

MR Ventura

05-02-03, 10:35 AM
Major Mike,

You're taking sides.

The argument is between the Corporals, the Sergeants, and the Staff Sergeants.

Having been all three, I choose NOT to get involved.

(But in my heart of hearts, the Corporals ran it, until I made Sergeant, then the Sergeants ran it until I made Staff, then we took over.)

(ANY enlisted man, who feels less than that, does not deserve he rank he achieved.)

Each rank, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, etc. should take on a new meaning, a new glory, as soon as YOU step into it. If it doesn't, you have no right to be there. Step aside, and make way for a MARINE.

05-02-03, 04:42 PM
I guess I don't deserve the second stripe... well maybe I do. I KNOW that Corporals run the United States Marine Corps, but I also know that Lance Corporals are truly the backbone of the Corps. They do all the work, get none of the credit, and seem to like it that way. (Until they get their blood stripes of course.)

05-02-03, 06:11 PM
Echo_Four_Bravo, you earned your Cpl stripes so there for you deserve them............Until I earned the rank of SSgt, I always knew that SSgt's run the Marine Corps........I was taught that from boot camp on........LOL

I always believed in giving credit where credit was due. If the Marines under me did an outstanding job, I let them know and always passed the word on up.........At times it got me in hot water because some of the higher ups didn't like it, "GUESS THEY WANTED TO TAKE THE CREDIT."



05-02-03, 06:15 PM
First Sergeant:

And it's the First Sergeants that manage the Gunnys and Staff Sergeants!;)

The enlisted ranks, from the newest private to the most grizzled Sergeant Major are really the back bone of our Corps. Corporal Bravo makes a great comment about the value of Lance Corporals. The Corporals and the Sergeants operate the Corps on a daily basis.

It has always been my belief that the responsibility given, accepted and the performance of duty exhibited by Marine Corps non coms is well above the same pay grade of the other services.

Whether one stripe or a whole sleeve full, each stripe and rocker is earned by sweat, dedication, knowledge and perserverance. I have the greatest of respect for all Marine non coms, and especially one gunny sergeant who taught a brand new butter bar more in a month than I learned in all the OCS and TBS classes combined.

MR Ventura

05-29-03, 01:15 AM
my first poolee meeting was increadable. they had a DI come in a beller at us for about an hour. then we ate dinner at the local legion and we brought up to speed with info about our recruiters. it was a great time and since then every poolee meeting has been better than the last.

i finally got to enlist after a year and a half of waiting. i was informally DQ'd because i broke my hand in seventh grade and they put some screws and a metal plate into my hand. well as we all know the marine corps will not allow anyone to enlist with any sort of hardware so i had it removed. that was a year ago on the 14th. i went down to MEPS on the 23rd of may and was finally allowed to enlist. it was the greatest feeling that i have ever had standing there and taking the oath. after that my recuiter and i drove around my town for a while and he had me show him Bock Lessner's house. (i live in Delano, Mn) i have been watching the Marine Corps video on boot camp at least once every day and everythime i watch it i get for and more antsy to get in and do it.

semper fi
Simon Litke

06-06-03, 08:56 PM
I feel so old at my poolee meetings... I'm 25, all the others are no older than 19. :) I am also the only female poolee that shows up to events. The last event they held was down at MCRDSD (about 30 minutes from here). We ate in a chow hall, walked around a little and then went over to MCMAP to get yelled at and marched around for awhile. The Sergeant at MCMAP was pretty intimidating; can't wait to see how crazy the actual DIs are. :)

06-06-03, 09:08 PM
jenrmuray - do not feel old. Remember all female Marines are mature and vibrant.

My son was also 25 when he went to the Island - the only result of his age was the rest of the recruits in the squad bay calling him "Pops" - he achieved his goal. You will achieve yours.

Just remember not to slap at the sand fleas - they are government issue, after all.

06-06-03, 09:25 PM
HA! Government issue! that was funny. :)

Oh, yes. I'm not old... I'm poised and knowledgable. hehe. I can tell all the boys think I am old, like they don't know what to say to me... they have teachers my age. Good times. :)

06-06-03, 09:32 PM
jenrmurray, you are as old as you feel.........If you have what it takes to become a Marine........You will........Remember it is inside of you, that Spirit and Heart that all Marines have.........Just listen, read and take the info that the Veteran Marines have posted in here.........Many of the Marines in here have more than 4 years in the Corps, many have been in combat..........So they do know what they are talking about.........Remember we are here to help you.......

The Drifter

PS: I was 25 when I went to Nam, a lot older than most of the Marines..........LOL

06-06-03, 09:38 PM
Age doesn't bother me a bit. I am glad that I am going in a little older and hopefully wiser.

and for the record, I still feel like I'm 17! :)

thank you for your words...

06-07-03, 02:53 AM

I was 24 went I shipped out to the great resort of Parris Island. The other woman recruit who I flew off to boot with had graduated the day before from high school. The night before flying across the country to boot, we all stayed at this one motel near the airport. Once my Mom and sister left after dinner, two of my best friends showed up - with a lot of booze.

Needless to say, my fellow recruit and I got smashed that night. She had never even held liquor to her lips. I, of course, was an "old" pro. The following day, two flights across this great country of ours, and that famous bus ride, I played "nurse" to her first ever hang-over. She hated me from then on.

Showing up for boot at Parris Island with a hang-over is not the way to live through your first couple of days at boot, nor is it the best way to walk...or stumble...on those famous yellow foot prints.

Just my own opinion, for which I expect to take some bs for, but here goes anyway:

I believe that the entry age should be at a mininium of twenty years of age, or for those who have at least two years of college credits - unless we are at war and an universal (female-male) draft is in effect. Just my own opinion developed over the years and cemented recently when I had to pull over and allow the funeral procession of a 18 year-old Marine pass me on their way to Willamette National Cementry for burial.

semper fi,

06-07-03, 05:29 AM
I started to answer along the lines of, I was 21 in boot camp in '58 and was the "old man" of the platoon, and leave it at that..

I changed my mind.

I will now voice disagreement with JCchristin, who posted;

"I believe that the entry age should be at a mininium of twenty years of age, or for those who have at least two years of college credits - "

I've learned to appreciate the value of an education, wherever earned.

There are too many at the age of eighteen who are not ready to receive ALL of the benefits college provides. An overflowing cup is a waste.

Eliminating services (because I'm rightfully prejudiced) I quote, "Be all you can be .....", "Find yourself........".

I am a career Marine. I was always concerned about those who chose to leave. EXCEPT, those who had SOLID plans for college.

The Marine Corps made them ready, I wished them well, and KNEW they would not let us down.

Some want to come to us as soon as they are able to leave the nest.

Welcome to the Corps.

Some want to wander around before they join us.

Welcome to the Corps.

Some want to wait until they think they have learned how to lead us.

Sir, this is Sgt. ...... If you listen to him, he will teach you how to do your job. If you choose NOT to listen, he will continue to do your job for you, because he is a Marine. And MAYBE, someday, you will earn the respect that is given to your bars.

(But seeing you Sir, , I doubt it.) Sir.