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07-30-02, 03:31 AM
There will never be anything anyone can do to mitigate the loss of a loved one. All we can do is to be there. One thing to keep in mind, as high brow and prideful as it might seem, is that as a Marine, they'll never be forgotten. Individual names will fade with time, people will all leave us in time, and their memories will go with them when they move on to better things. We often say of fallen Marines, that they have gone on "To guard Heaven's Gates" or they've been "transferred to Chesty's command". We know where Marines go when they leave us. We drink to their memory. We remember our Brothers and Sisters. In time we will be gone, and our memories with us. Take this comfort with you as you mourn your losses. The United States Marine Corps will never be forgotten. Your Brothers and Sisters will therefore never be forgotten. Your Sons and Daughters will never be forgotten. Your Fathers and Mothers will never be forgotten.They have passed into the legend and myth that is the United States Marine Corps. They will be remembered with the likes of Pharaoh's Army, The Hordes of the Khan's, Alexander's Armies, the Legions of Rome. Other armed forces across the length of time will be remembered as being less than our equals. Your loved ones have been a part of something special. Something that cannot be readily conveyed by mere words. It is scant comfort in this present time, but it is a source of quiet pride to those who understand. A Marine will live forever. God will not abandon those who have been willing to sacrifice so much for others. Your son, and the sons and daughters of so many others will certainly never be forgotten, here on earth or before the throne of God. They are only words, but they are all I presently have to offer. Be at peace, Mother. Be at peace Father. Be you all at peace, for your family member will most certainly be guarding Heaven's Gates upon your own arrival there in the fullness of time. Semper Fidelis, Marine family. Be Proud. These are my words. You may use them freely.

10-31-02, 08:01 AM

He's on his way to guard the gates,
His trials here are o'er.
His tour of duty now must be,
To guard God's heavenly shore.

The frailties of this mortal life,
Are now left far behind.
No more the storms of strife below,
Will cloud this warrior's mind.

When duty called he did his best,
And served his country well.
A Heavenly throne awaits him now,
He spent his time in hell.

One less Marine to stand with us,
One more for Heaven's guard.
We're happy cause we know he's well,
Although we're grieving hard.

We will miss his strength, his words of wit,
As we strive to carry on.
And eagerly await the day,
We gather round that throne.

So go, our brother, on your way
No more your soul must roam.
Angels swing your gates out wide,
Another Marine is coming home......



12-04-02, 10:34 AM
For our brother

12-14-02, 01:33 AM
wrbones, drifter....you have put it in a way that I never could. I have had parents and wifes of marines I served with and all I could do was just sit there and stammer and studder. I guess it was that thing inside saying"What if" or did I give the right command. They were with me then and will be with me always.

05-23-03, 09:48 PM
Back to the top for memorial day.

05-26-03, 12:47 PM
PREEEEE---ZENT ARMS!!! Thank You My Brothers And Sisters. Rest Well. Semper Fi. Dave