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07-29-02, 11:01 PM
i need some links to pictures of Marines in uniform, specifically Officers and especially Avaiatiors.

I've scoured the web and as of yet have only found pictures that were too small or of too poor quality.

even if somebody doesn't have any pics, the official names of all uniforms an officer would wear would help, as i could narrow my search.

i appreciate any help greatly!

07-30-02, 07:33 AM
Marine Corps Uniform Board (http://www.marcorsyscom.usmc.mil/sites/mcub/)

07-30-02, 08:39 AM
The Marine Shop in Quantico. THey have a web site and cater to officers.


Semper Fi,

07-30-02, 09:07 AM


Some of these images might be dated.

The names of the uniforms might be found in the Marine Corps uniform regulations.

Might also try looking on some web pages of Marine Aviation Associations and home pages of Marine Corps Wing units.

Those might supply some more info on the information that you're seeking.