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04-27-03, 10:55 AM
Getting away from the situation in Iraq for a moment, I have been interested in two stories that have been carried by the national and international press.

One dealt with siamese twins in Guatamala, and the other dealt with 1 baby dying every 30 seconds of malaria in Africa.

The latest news is that the twins were separated, one is on the critical list.

Since the original reports, almost 4,000 children died of malaria, and one separated siamese twin is on the critical list.

Which event do you think gets more attention, from the press, and from the public?

From the first time I saw the picture of the Iraqi baby whose injuries were reputed to be the result of American bombs, 16,000 children have died from maleria.

Which event do you think is the imputus for protest marches and demonstrations?

Why is ONE more important than sixteen thousand? Because you can fit one name on a protest poster, and not sixteen thousand.

It's a cop-out. Human life is sacred, but if 16 or 56 thousand die while marching to save ONE , is one truly worth the effort. And what is actually accomplished?????

Sad to say, THAT is the way of the world.

But I am willing to bet that Hitler, Stalin, Hussain, Pol Pot, or any other mass murder can point to ONE that they chose to save.

In the common folklore of protest marchers, that should make the mass murders, heroes.

To put it into a different context. If I embezzled 100 million dollars, and you protested that Mr. & Mrs. Smith lost their $40,000 life savings to me, If I returned their $40,000, all else should be forgiven. Right!?

Sorry about that. But rather than focus on 1/2 of Siamese twins, or one child who suffered in a bombing attack, I am more concerned about children dying from maleria at the rate of one every thirty seconds.

If there is a hereafter, millions of self-rightious people will be called to task, NOT for what they did, but for what they failed to do.

People from my era, I'll be 66 in June, can remember radio, movies, tv shows, and even a tv series where a person was supposed to die, and requested more time, because they hadn't completed what they were doing to make their lives meaningful. They were given the opportunity to complete the task at hand.

Yes, it was fiction, it was tv, it was movies. Or was it?

How many of US could qualify???????

When the Grim Reaper comes for us, and we ask him to wait, because ............. . Do we have cause to give him pause?

And yes, I understand that many people would greet him with open arms.

But those of us who would say, WAIT!, better have a valid reason.

For those who feel that the above was too heavy to consider, let me give you this:

Mary had a little lamb
It's foot was covered with soot.
And everywhere that Mary went
his sooty foot he put.

(Ishkibble, with Kaye Kaisers Orchestra)

04-27-03, 01:22 PM
Right you are. Ethnic cleansing unacceptable in the Balkans, but Rhodesia escapes the media darlings for the most part.