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04-27-03, 08:28 AM
Hello to all the poolies and especially to all my new brothers and sisters out there :marine:. I just graduated from 3rd Bn Kilo Company on the 25th and I've got about 8 days of boot leave left to answer questions for you poolies before I'm sent to San Diego for MCT and MOS training so... if you got questions about the way bootcamp is "as of this past Friday" I should be able to tell ya ;) . I'm sure I'll be running around all day and eating out every night but I'll make sure and give you all timely responses.
Semper Fi

04-27-03, 09:01 AM
Hey Marine,

I had you marked on my calendar to be back this week.

I noticed the PFC stripe, and am NOT surprised.

Welcome Marine!

Semper Fi

Art Petersn
04-27-03, 09:58 AM
Welcome aboard.

From the way the confit has gone, however they are running Boot camp must be the right way

Injoy your leave.

Roberto T. Cast
04-27-03, 04:14 PM
Welcome aboard MARINE. Wear your new titled with pride. It's yours forever and nobody can take it away. You earned it. Again, welcome aboard. :thumbup: :marine:

04-27-03, 04:53 PM
Congrats and welcome to the start of the ride of your life.

Watch out for the 6 foot 6 inch instructor at MCT - I tried to teach him manners , and do not tell him you know his mom -but it went out the window with this assignment, lol.

04-27-03, 09:36 PM
On behalf of all of us wannabes still here, CONGRATULATIONS MARINE! :thumbup:

04-28-03, 09:30 AM
Thanks to everyone! I'm really looking forward to helping out some of these poolies :)

04-28-03, 10:29 AM
Congrats, Marine!

04-28-03, 01:34 PM
Congrats Marine !

I had the great pleasure to be at PI on the 23rd and 24th with my 9 yr old son and so likely saw you get the Eagle Globe and Anchor on the 24th. This was treat for both myself and my son to see all this.

I have to tell you that I am a 3rd Bn Marine too BUT from 1962. I was able to go back to my bldg--418--and squad bay on the 3rd deck on the 23rd and spend some time standing in the exact same spot I stood 40 years and 6 months ago! That was a treat. I also pointed out the spot on the bulkhead oppsite the DI's house where I had my skull bounced off the cinder blocks on occassion. My son thought that was a hoot!

Again, welcome aboard Marine !

04-30-03, 04:26 PM
What is boot really like?
I'm leaving in December and I have ideas of what it's gonna be like...but what was the hardest part (personally) for you, what was the easiest...what was just downright crazy...and what do I need to do to prepare? Any tips?

Congrats, MARINE! Hope to follow in your footsteps soon!


04-30-03, 07:01 PM
Glad to see you back in here. I remember some of the posts you made and the PMs we exchanged to assist you in understanding the recruiting process. Glad to know you made it into te brotherhood. Enjoy boot leave. Don't do anything to get yourself in trouble before you head off to MCT. I'm sure everyone at home, as is here, is proud of you and your accomplishment.


04-30-03, 07:36 PM
Congratulations Marine. I didn't know you before you left, but I know all I need to know now. You are one of "us" a brother in arms. You will have the time of your life for the next few years, make sure you take the time to let things soak in. The memories will last a life time.

Semper Fi, and welcome to the family brother.

04-30-03, 08:32 PM
Whoa, That really means a lot Echo. I appreciate it. Glad to be aboard Sixguns. I sure did have a lot of questions when I was getting started but thanks to you I had a lot of answers too ;) As for you Sully, keep in mind that no matter what boot camp is like, after it's over you'll feel just as great as I do right now! Email me at toopanca@hotmail.com and I can answer your questions until Sunday. Try to be specific and let me know what kind of physical shape your in, your MOS, what you've begun doing already to prepare ect. POOLIES - plz contact by e-mail. It's easier for us to ask and respond back and forth that way. Thx


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