View Full Version : What Are You Afraid Of, Robert J. Quinn?

04-19-08, 02:17 PM
My Name is Kyril G. Popoff, former Sergeant of Marines.

Apparently "Bulkyker" has "called me out" to prove who I am based on this blog post on my blog:

http://kyrilsblog.blogspot.com/2007/...is-island.html (http://kyrilsblog.blogspot.com/2007/10/typical-day-at-parris-island.html)

He was whining about it in my comments sections (about - get this - that I said there were only 3 squads in my boot camp platoon, and not 4; there were only actually 3, and I've got photgraphic proof of it) and now this dork has called me out.

Go to the comments, and read 'em all.

All I want him to do is tell me what he's gonna do in the way of an apology for calling me out - then I'll put so much proof up on that blog that it will be overkill.

Go here, read the blogpost, and read the comments:

http://kyrilsblog.blogspot.com/2007/...is-island.html (http://kyrilsblog.blogspot.com/2007/10/typical-day-at-parris-island.html)

Then come back here and message Bulkyker to tell me what he's gonna do in the way of an apology.

If he responds - Even if he just says "I'll say I was wrong.", I'll post so much proof on my blog that it will take you all a day to read it - I'll even put video up there!

So who's taking all the risk now? If I don't do it, you guys can thrash me forever on this forum or any other one you can find.

Hell, I'll even give you my address so you can come tell me what a


Sgt Kyril G. Popoff