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04-15-08, 12:41 PM
:usmc: BY:Sgthermogenesm.
RVN Marine Veteran

In every generation since time began there have been wars and rumors of wars. In all those wars there have been renowned armies that came to the forefront in every battle. The most recent added to that list the United States Marine Corps. Since it's inception, The Corps has built a reputation as the most elite fighting force the world knowns. HONOR,COURAGE and Commitment are the words imbedded into every Marine. It's is a force which teaches that once a Marine you will always be a Marine.Every Marine believes this and therefore it has become the truth by which the Marines live by. Its is said that not everyone can be a Marine. If everyone could than it wouldn't
be Marines.........

:usmc: Sgthermogenesm
Blinded Marine Veteran.
Thank you for your service to our Country:iwo: