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'Pacifists' Threaten Anti-Hollywood Activists
Marc Morano, CNSNews.com
Monday, April 21, 2003
The sponsors of at least two Web sites chronicling the anti-war statements and activities of Hollywood celebrities say they're being inundated with death threats from "anti-war pacifist" supporters of the celebrities.
The sponsor of one of the sites, who would identify himself only as Tim C., said he had received nearly 100 death threats since starting www.famousidiot.com less than two months ago. Tim's mother and wife want him to stop exposing Hollywood's liberal activists out of fear for his safety.

"If they are anti-war pacifists, they're the most violent people I have ever met in my life. It's really unbelievable," Tim C., told CNSNews.com. The Web site's motto: "They [Hollywood] don't speak for us."

The author of another anti-celebrity-activist Web site, www.HollywoodHalfWits.com, dedicated to "exposing the ignorance, insanity and anti-Americanism of Hollywood celebrities," also says defenders of Hollywood activists are anything but pacifist.

"I have received death threats, thousands of virus-laden e-mails, words of pure hatred, all this from the peace-loving, compassionate free-speech left," Mark of HollywoodHalfWits.com told CNSNews.com. Mark declined to reveal his last name as a safety precaution.

"I'm just an average American living in a small town in California. Due to the threats in the hate mail I get, that's all I can say," Mark said.

The threats are relentless, said Tim C. of Famousidiot.com. "I receive on average one death threat a day ... we had no clue that these folks feel that strongly," he said.

The war in Iraq prompted a blitz of high-profile celebrity anti-war activists voicing their dissent in the media and gave rise to a host of Web sites dedicated to chronicling, criticizing and ridiculing the famous activists.

Visitors to famousidiot.com rank a top 10 list of celebrities they most want to boycott. Actress Janeane Garofalo is ranked the No. 1 boycott target, followed by actor George Clooney and the country band Dixie Chicks. The site also lists the appropriate studio or production company next to each celebrity to aid people in launching a boycott.

Famousidiot.com "is dedicated to exposing the elitists among us that feel compelled to speak out against the very country that afforded them the opportunity to earn a king's fortune."

Mark, of HollywoodHalfWits.com, says he has drawn 1.3 million visitors to his site since its launch in February. The Web site features a "Hall of Halfwits," which includes a who's who of liberal activists, including Garofalo, Clooney, the Dixie Chicks, Sheryl Crow, Mike Farrell, Ed Harris, Jessica Lange, Madonna, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Martin Sheen, Oliver Stone and Barbra Streisand.

Mark declined to provide CNSNews.com with copies of specific death threats he has received because he said he "hates to encourage these guys to do more and get themselves published." He did, however, provide a sample of some of the hate mail he said he receives daily.


Free Speech for Us but Not for You

Another letter writer included the phrase, "F*** you!!!" and urged Mark to "Get a life and do something worthwhile!!!! Quit picking on those of us who tend to speak out for our right to do so!!!!"

Tim C. of Famousidiot.com characterized most of the mail he receives as hate mail.

"We get several hundred e-mails a day, 60 percent hate mail and 40 percent supportive of our efforts. Some of the most vile things that have ever been said to me have been said through e-mail through this site," Tim C. explained.

A sampling of the hate mail on Famousidiot.com reveals anger over the purpose of the Web site. "I must say, your site is so aptly named," stated one e-mail written by "Jim." The e-mail blasted what its author called "A moronic, ludicrous, pointless web site in support of the most idiotic U.S. president that has ever held the office. Famous idiots, indeed."

Another letter, signed by "Karin," states, "I have never hared [sic] so much neo-facist [sic] crap in my life. Just the existence of your site and the futile attempt of justifying your unbelievable stupidity and ignorance through the mocking of those who speak reason is unreal."

Tim C. said he never receives mail from anti-Hollywood conservatives advocating harm to the liberal activists. "The ironic thing is, it's never 'let's go kill them' coming from the conservatives' point of view. It's always, they [the liberals] are misinformed."

However, liberal activists "are over the top," Tim C. added.

A spokesperson for Creative Coalition, a liberal celebrity activist group whose founders include actors Ron Silver, Christopher Reeve and Susan Sarandon, did not respond to an interview request for this article.

'Anti-American Things'

Mark dismisses allegations that his and other similar Web sites are resurrecting the 1950s-era Hollywood blacklists.

"I'm just bringing to light the ignorant, insane or anti-American things some celebrities say, so that visitors can make decisions on if they should support their work," Mark said.

"Funny, Susan Sarandon thought it was just fine to help lead a boycott against Dr. Laura's TV show. Well, the tables are turned now, and she doesn't like it one bit," he said.

HollywoodHalfWits.com serves as a comprehensive database including not only the offending political statements each celebrity has made, but also links to the news source that reported it, and a biography of each celebrity. The site includes the agents or studio contact information for each of the celebrities profiled so Internet users can initiate a boycott and register their displeasure directly to the source.

Celebs, Please Keep Revealing Yourselves to America

HollywoodHalfWits.com does not want to silence the celebrities. In fact, it encourages celebrities to keep publicly expressing their political views.

"No one is censoring them or throwing them in jail for their views. While some do, I'm not even telling them to pipe down. I encourage them to continue to speak out. It's usually more entertaining than the movies they make," according to Mark.

Other anti-Hollywood Web sites includes www.celiberal.com and www.boycott-hollywood.us. Celiberal.com's mission statement reads: "We simply stop buying or renting their movies, music albums, books and the products or services they endorse." Boycott-hollywood.us proclaims to celebrity liberal activists: "Hey Hollywood ... Listen Up!! You Don't Speak for Me!!"

Hollywood Feels a 'Backlash'

Mark from HollywoodHalfWits.com believes the new wave of sites chronicling the celebrities is having an impact.

"Middle America is realizing that they are not alone in their feelings of outrage. They are speaking up and contacting agents, publicists, studios and others in the industry," he said.

And the effects are stunning, according to Mark.

"For the first time in their professional lives, there is a backlash, and they are in shock that everyone does not honor everything they speak. Studios are canceling projects with controversial celebrities," he said.

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I forget where I read this. I made no changes, other than condensing it by eliminating total paragraphs and particularly the accomplishments of the listed country leaders.

If anyone is interested I will send them the full article.
This will set it straight !

Who's Smarter?
by Cindy Osborne

The Hollywood group is at it again. Holding anti-war rallies, screaming about the Bush Administration, running ads in major newspapers, defaming the President and his Cabinet every chance they get, to anyone and everyone who will listen.

So, just how ignorant are these people who are running the country? Let's look at the biographies of these leaders, and then at the celebrities who are castigating them:

President George W. Bush: Received a Bachelors Degree from Yale University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Earned a B.A. and a M.A. both in political science.

Secretary of State Colin Powell: His academic achievements include a Master of Business Administration Degree from George Washington University. Several schools and other institutions have been named in his honor and he holds honorary degrees from universities and colleges across the country. (Note: He retired as Four Star General in the United States Army)

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: Attended Princeton University on Scholarship; Congressional Assistant; U.S. Representative, Illinois,; Assistant to the President, Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Director of the Cost of Living Council, ; U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Assistant to the President, Director of White House Office of Operations, White House Chief of Staff, ; Secretary of Defense.

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge: . He earned a scholarship to Harvard, graduating with honors. He was elected to Congress and was overwhelmingly re-elected six times.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice: Holds a Bachelor's, Masters, and Ph.D in Political Science. She earned her Bacrelor's degree at the age of 19.

So who are these celebrities? What is their education? What is their experience in affairs of State or in National Security? While I will defend to the death their right to express their opinions, I think that if they are going to call into question the intelligence of our leaders, we should also have all the facts on their educations and background:

Barbra Streisand : Completed high school Career: Singing and acting

Cher: Dropped out of school in 9th grade. Career: Singing and acting

Martin Sheen: Flunked exam to enter University of Dayton. Career: Acting

Jessica Lange: Dropped out college mid-freshman year. Career: Acting

Alec Baldwin: Dropped out of George Washington U. after scandal. Career: Acting

Julia Roberts: Completed high school. Career: Acting

Sean Penn: Completed High school. Career: Acting

Susan Sarandon: Degree in Drama from Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. Career: Acting

Ed Asner; Completed High school. Career: Acting

George Clooney: Dropped out of University of Kentucky. Career: Acting

Michael Moore: Dropped out first year University of Michigan. Career: Movie Director

Sarah Jessica Parker: Completed High School. Career: Acting

Jennifer Anniston: Completed High School. Career: Acting

Mike Farrell: Completed High school. Career: Acting

Janeane Garofelo: Dropped out of College. Career: Stand up comedienne

Larry Hagman: Attended Bard College for one year. Career: Acting

While comparing the education and experience of these two groups, we should also remember that President Bush and his cabinet are briefed daily, even hourly, on the War on Terror and threats to our security. They are privy to information gathered around the world concerning the Middle East, the threats to America, the intentions of terrorists and terrorist-supporting governments. They are in constant communication with the CIA, the FBI, Interpol, NATO, The United Nations, our own military, and that of our allies around the world. We cannot simply believe that we have full knowledge of the threats because we watch CNN!! We cannot believe that we are in any way as informed as our leaders.

The ultimate irony is that many of these celebrities have made a shambles of their own lives, with drug abuse, alcoholism, numerous marriages and divorces, scrapes with the law, publicized temper tantrums, etc. How dare they pretend to know what is best for an entire nation! What is even more bizarre is how many people in this country will listen and accept their views, simply because they liked them in a certain movie, or have fond memories of an old television sitcom!