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04-02-08, 05:57 AM
Glad To Be Home
Anthony Miller, Live 5 News

"It's great to see green and smell South Carolina air, experience that nice sun," said Marine Lance Corporal Brian Perez

After spending seven months in the Al Anbar province in Iraq Perez and Lance Corporal Cody Byrdic are finally home.

"There's no sand and the grass is green the weather is a lot better, it's good to be back," said Byrdic.

The two communications engineers didn't experience any combat but say they were key to any missions success.

"It's actually very important because if something did happen we would be responsible for notifying base what had happened," said Perez.

When they weren't working they spent their down time with a piece of home.

"Nights came around we played X-Box we had X-box and TV'," said Byrdic.

And even experienced something very unexpected in the desert.

"When we came there it snowed for the very first time in decades...I believe hell froze over that day," said Perez.

And while happy to be home they say it will take some time to adjust.

"You're still on alert it's just bringing yourself down and relax, no ones out to get you anymore," said Byrdic.

And reflect on a job well done making a difference in a foreign land.

"For the most part they're really happy that we're over there, it's great actually going down the road and seeing the police and the Iraqi army slowly taking over," said Perez.

"We are doing a good job over there we are making progress I was with the engineer battalion we are building roads, building buildings for the Iraqis making sure they have a better life," said Byrdic.