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Lance Smutzer
03-28-08, 11:41 AM
Does any one know where I could get a back issue of letherneck?
The reason is, my photo was taken at boot and was put in an issue, I was in boot July 9-September 21, 1988.
I had tried their site, and I couldnt find anywhere where I could even look for a back issue 20 years old. I would like to show my boys.
Thanks for any help

Semper Fi

Native Warrior
03-28-08, 01:29 PM
Marine Corps Association the company that produces the mag.

www.mca-marines.org (http://www.mca-marines.org)

07-12-09, 07:01 AM
:evilgrin: Morning, I`m looking for info on the name of the co the did the grad book,s for pi grad,s in 65. or a copy of plt. 146

07-12-09, 07:04 AM
thank you very much

07-12-09, 07:06 AM
lol wow I wonder if they had comp,s back then?