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03-26-08, 04:25 AM
My Grandpa was an army guy but i respect him alot. The reason I joined the cor was to follow his foot steps and my fathers. My grandpa was a great man he was a hardcore guy and for that he won a purple heart well 2 to be exact. He was is nam and he saved 4 of his men and won two purple hearts. After he died I today hold his place and im in posseion of his medal and folded flag. Now i hope that my children and grandchildren are going to be marine or in the military to serve this country

03-26-08, 04:53 AM
With all due respect sir, your profile doesn't make sense. It says you went to Parris Island in 2001, and in 7 years made Major. Please clarify or perhaps have an administrator look into this? I also noticed a few errors in your post.
Marine is always capatilized

03-26-08, 07:36 AM
Also, i was not able to find you on Outlook Global, or MOL, sir.