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Henry De Horton b. 1220, Horton, Northampton, England d. 1273(?)
Hugh De Horton b. 1240, Horton, Northampton, England d. 1327(?)
Henry De Horton b. 1270, Horton, Northampton, England d. ?
Hugh De Horton b. 1300, Knoptoft, Leicestershire, England d. ?
John De Horton b. 1330, Knoptoft, Leicestershire, England d. ?
William De Horton b. 1370 d. 1413(?)
m. Joan Dutton b. 1381(?) d. ?
Richard De Horton b. 1410, Mowsley, England d. ?
Richard De Horton b. 1450, Mowsley, England d. ?
m. Anne(?)
Thomas De Horton b. 1480, Mowsley, England d. 1504(?)
Richard De Horton b. 1500 d. ?
Robert De Horton b. 1525, Mowsley, England d. ?
William Horton b. abt 1550, Firth House, Burksland, Halifax England d. abt 1603(?),
m.Elizabeth Hanson b. 1558(?), Barkisland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England d. 1640(?)
Joseph Horton b. 1572, Firth House, Burksland, Halifax, England d. 1640(?)
m. (1599) Mary Schuyler b. 1578(?) Mowsley, Leicestershire, England d. ?
Barnabas Horton I b. 13 July(?) 1600, Mowsley, (Leicestershire) England d. 13 July 1680.
m. Mary Langton
Joseph Horton* b. abt 1625, Mowsley, England d. ?
m. (1655) Jane Budd
David Horton b 1664 d. ?
m. (1688) Esther King
John Horton b. 1696 d. ?
m. Elizabeth Lee
Richard Horton b. 1721 d. ?
m. Jemima Wright
Elijah Horton b. 7 Aug 1739 d. 14 Aug 1821************ sold as an endentured servant to the colonies
m. Jemima Currie b. 6 July 1744 d. 11 Mar 1825
Michael Horton,
This is an excerpt from roll #3 of the John J. Dickey Diary:
Page 2244 Michael G. Horton April 21, 1898
"I was born in Scott County Virginia near Clinch River May 24, 1819. My father was Robert HORTON. He was born in Culpepper County, VA. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. My grandfather was ELIJAH HORTON. He was a soldier in the revolutionary war.
He died at my father's house in Scott Co. when I was about 10 years old. My mother was Ann ROBNETT born in Wythe County VA. I had 7 brothers and 2 sisters. They are scattered. I have a brother, John in Lincoln Co, Key. He married a Ben CLARK a prominent man. He first came to London . During the war he bought horses in Laurel and adjoining counties and took them to Camp Nelson and sold them to the Government. He made Ben CLARK'S headquarters for collecting and feeding and he made an allowance with the family by marrying a daughter. Isaac went West, I think To Missouri. I came to Owsley Co, Key in October 1846. I went into the mercantile business. I was twice Sheriff of Owsley, once appointed afterward elected. I married September 1850, Catherine Francis GARRARD,
sister of Gen. T.T. GARRARD, daughter of Col. James GARRARD. I removed to Clay County in 1852. I was twice elected sheriff of Clay County. I was school commissioner (also) of Clay Co. when Dr. MANNING came here to teach. I kept a saloon in Booneville. A man named REESE killed two brothers, named MOORE at the door of my saloon. REESE got a change of venue to Breathitt. Old Billy STRONG, a Baptist preacher, used to say a good deal about my saloon. "
PETER GARARD, a French Huguenot who went to England around 1670, was naturalized as a British subject on May 8th, 1687, in the ninth year of the reign of William III.
He and his two young sons who accompanied him, lived and died in
England. The children of the two sons were, the American ancestors. WILLIAM GARRARD, of Stafford
county, Va., and his brother J. GARRARD were sons of one
of PETER GARRARD'S sons. came to america between 1730 and 1740.
In the calendar of Virginia State Papers, vol. 2d, page 43, there is a communication from the Stafford County
Militia, dated April 14th, 1781, to His Excellency Thomas Jefferson, then Governor of Virginia, which is signed by "
WILLIAM GARRARD, County Lieutenant. "With the rank of Colonel, WILLIAM GARRARD is also named as County Lieutenant, of
Stafford, in Henning's Statutes at Large. the oldest child of COL. WILLIAM GARRARD and MARY
LEWIS, his wife, was DANIEL, born in 1736.
JAMES GARRARD******************************************* ****************************My 4th great,grandfather
JAMES GARRARD, son of Col. William Garrard and Mary Lewis, his wife, was born in Stafford county, Va.,
January I4th, 1749. It is found that he served as Colonel in the State militia of Stafford county during the Revolutionary
struggle, and while in that service was elected to the Virginia Legislature. He was distinguished by his fellow citizens in being elected to
the State Assembly, and receiving military appointments.
In 1783 he removed to Kentucky and settled in Bourbon county, on Stoner creek, where in 1786 he built his residence.
From the beginning of his residence in Kentucky that he was a prominent citizen. In 1796 he was elected Governor of Kentucky, serving
until 1800, when he was again elected under the New Constitution. Garrard county, Ky., was formed in 1796, and was
named in honor of James Garrard, then Governor of the State.
DANIEL GARRARD. born November 10th, 1780; married
Lucinda Toulmin, February 2oth, 1808. Died September,
20th, 1866.
CHRONOLOGY OF DANIEL GARRARD - Direct Ancestor****************************************** ****************My g,g,g, great,grandfather
1780 Nov 10 VA, Stafford Co. Birth to James GARRARD and Elizabeth MOUNTJOY
1782 KY, Clay Co. Daniel’s father, James, bought land at Goose Creek.
1783 KY, Bourbon Co. Family moved to KY from VA.
1808 Feb 21 AL, Mobile. Married Lucinda Jane TOULMIN, daughter of. Harry
TOULMIN.The Hon. Harry Toulmin was Secretary of State during both terms of Gov. Garrard.
1811 Dec 6 KY Corn Stalk Militia of KY. Lt. Col. Commandant 68th Regiment6 1812 June 7 KY Clay Co. Union Salt Works.
1825 May 3 KY, Clay Co. Union Salt Works.Birth of dau. Catherine Frances GARRARD.
MICHAEL GEORGE HORTON ************************************************** ***********
My g,g,great, grandfather
married CATHERINE FRANCIS GARRARD, September 4,, 1850. ************************************************** My g,g,great, grandmother
born at Union Salt Works, Clay county, Ky , May 3d, 1825.
She died August 8th, 1894. Their child—
WILLIAM TOULMIN HORTON, ***********************************************
My g, great, grandfather
born in Clay county,
October 22d, 1864. He married Nellie Ward Layton,
December 20th, 1891.
GEORGE BONFOY HORTON, born April 21st, 1893. ******************************
My great-grandfather
married Daisy House, child:
Edgar Horton***********************************My grandfather
Judy Horton*************** MY mother
Son:.............................................. .......................................... HABU!!! (David Horton)

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ROTFLMFAO!!! Are you famous or something? Sorry babe but, I quit reading after a bit....................let me guess, something got said to you before that profile got filled out?

Sgt Leprechaun
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But, I gotta say, that is one HELL of a profile!!!


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WTF?????? I was wondering what all that chit was too!

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Sparkie you old polecat.

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Well,,,Here's one of my grandpas

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gee I wish I was such a WASP, not really.

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We were on the rifle range at Pendleton before shipping overseas. More or less had an informal inspection. But this one butter bar kept askin the marines what nationality they were. Guy behind me replied, "HIENZ 57 SIR"! An answer I still use to this day.

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We were on the rifle range at Pendleton before shipping overseas. More or less had an informal inspection. But this one butter bar kept askin the marines what nationality they were. Guy behind me replied, "HIENZ 57 SIR"! An answer I still use to this day.
That is good,lmfao.:flag:

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HABU??????????? When I was on Okinawa in '45' that was a poisonous
snake. one of our guys got nailed while in his foxhole. Thats some lineage you
put in your profile. is there any connection. Just kiding and curious.


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gunny they still had that snake there in 69 heard alot about that critter kinda like the 2 stepper..

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Habu is also the fella that runs the grocery store on the Simpsons, isn't he?

Where are you Habu? Did a Mod lock you down for a couple of days for being a smartass? LOL!

Sgt Leprechaun
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I think that's "Apu" LOL

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And my Grand folks were greeting the boat, "Welcome aboard, try to keep it as clean as you found it!" :D

Smallpox was a real bummer but you brought electricity, and that is so cool! :banana:

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Yellowwing, I think it's about time you started charging rent. Especially to those bone headed Vikings out there still peeing on trees,;}

[love ya, Fist]

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:) It Must Have Been A Hell'uva Hump For You're Medicine Man,Super Grand Daddy;all The Way From Siberia?You Just Changed Zipcodes A Little Earlier!Watch Out Where The Huskies Go,don't You Eat The Yellow Snow?

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Bah they were a few Sibernians, but we came from our Grandfather from the Incas and Axtecs.

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i was stationed in okinawa a couple of times... and yes there is a snake there called the habu... also the sr-71 was called a habu. i named my dog habu and just chose it as a screen name as it has a nice ring to it IMO. i posted my ancestry because i had just finished working it all out and i know how nowadays many people are interested in their heritage. i only knew where i came from prior to researching it by family stories. i never knew that i was a direct descendant of the original settlers and second govenor of kentucky. also i never realised that i am a direct descendant of revolutionary war veterans on both sides of my family and all my family had fought in every single war america ever had. too many people can't trace their ancestry past a couple generations. i just tossed it out there for people to see and possibly someone else was interested in their heritage. i find those things interesting. at least i know who i am and where i came from. i even entertained the idea that some others out there might be related to me but if it's a problem with folks here the disregard my last.... it was a slow day and i am the type to want to get a discussion started.

it wasn't an ego thing.... but i don't think anyone can question my american-ness..... that's all. i'm new on this site and am a person that likes to lay all my cards on the table...

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I often wonder if Dennis Hopper is related to me. Or even Annie Oakley. ( my mothers maiden name )

03-22-08, 03:55 PM
I oppenly welcome you family tooo our shores

Sgt Leprechaun
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Habu, don't take offense, it's just something we've never seen done, that's all.

I thought it was pretty interesting. I've done my own family stuff, all the way back to the 1700's when my 'people' were thrown out of Germany and Ireland and ended up here. They helped found the small town I still live in, and I still live on some of the original land they stole from the Brits way back when.

God, don't get ME started on this or ya'll will be running the Leprechaun back to the political section and my "dead mens laundry" area.

Phantom Blooper
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I was doing some research and came up with mine.:evilgrin:

03-22-08, 04:36 PM
I often wonder if Dennis Hopper is related to me.

'Fraid not .................you may have the same last name but, he's related to Habu here. ;)

Nah, that's cool Habu. I know more about my dog's background (his Grandfather's name on his Father's side was Tigger's Golden Hoo Hoo, I swear) than I do my own. I would be scared of the bones that would fall out of closets. LOL!

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Marine 84s Ancestry

[good morning Sis.]

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Oh really,lmfao.

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I was at Hansen in 74. They had the HR71 down at Kadena. We called that the HABU.

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They told us all about the Habu in '96, and we found the bottles of Habu Saiki

03-23-08, 11:33 AM
habu sake... potent stuff...:p