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Chuck Lewis
03-19-08, 05:32 PM
Anyone here remember this???
Answer to the Green Beret
By Denny Newby
Bronze Star Recipient with a Combat “V”

We call our troops U.S. Marines
Dirty rough and fighten mean
To Viet Nam we come to stay
Couldn’t care less about the Green Beret
We stalk the paddies, both day and night
We need no hate or reason to fight
We have no wings upon our chests
We’re fighting men, our countries best
With steel pots upon our heads
We fight like hell and eat hot lead
So keep your caps and silver wings
We’ll ship you home with all those things
We search the villies and chase V.C.
We fight the Cong to make men free
One hundred men over ran today
We saved them all, the Green Beret
I’ve seen Marines who gave their lives
So the Green Berets could see their wives
If I die in this far land, I hope it will be for a better man
The poor young wife, she need not wait
Her brave Marine has met his fate
For the Corps, that’s what he’ll give
I know this song won’t be a hit
But a good Marine don’t give a ****
For when it comes to glory and fame
We’ll kick your ass and take your name
So let them jump and sing their song
We’ll scout rice paddies and kill the Cong
With the troops we fight each day
Since 1775 it’s been that way
So wise up doggies, with the Green Beret
For we’ll still be here when you fade away.
Semper Fidelis
Chuck USMC Class of '70

03-19-08, 05:39 PM
:thumbup: PUT SILVER WINGS ON MY SON'S CHEST :thumbup:

03-19-08, 05:52 PM
greatest time i had with a green beenie...aberdeen, md in town drinking (way too much) he started dogging Marine RECON and i just sat at the table...looked him square in the eye...and said, "i really like that pretty little green beret you all wear....to bad the girl scouts came up with it first. man the fight was on. spent the night in jail, next night we're out again(only drinking coffee this time) and the cops came in and looked at us and said "not again tonight guys" we laughed our a$$ off.