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Eric Hood
03-08-08, 07:29 AM
Hey fellow Leathernecks!
I am reading a book, "24 Mau 1983" by Glenn E. Dolphin. He was a comm officer with BLT 1/8. Well written, interesting- a quick read. He gives a good picture of the Marine Corps of that period.
Semper Fi,
Eric Hood:usmc:

03-09-08, 04:33 PM
Thanks. I hope that we get the card made by OG this year with a strong tribute to the 25th year anniversary of the terrorist attack. Hamas was the terrorist group.:usmc:

I will never forget that Sunday morning in Oct 83'....:usmc:

03-10-08, 08:45 AM
Already read it. Outstanding read. You can't ask for a closer account.

Phantom Winger
03-10-08, 11:48 AM
Spent time with a Beirut Marine this weekend. He likes to reminisce about the Corps and always tells the story when he was headed back stateside from a Med cruise where he was to be discharged after...

Native Warrior
03-10-08, 12:34 PM
That indeed was a sad day in our history. I was with 22nd MAU and had completed a tour in Beirut and was headed back over to relieve 24th Mau when we got diverted to Grenada. The suicide bombing could have happened at anytime in Beirut, I was in that building everyday for chow and/or sick call, we were totally unprotected and let to blow in the wind until and after the bombing.