View Full Version : What'ss the single biggest thing the U.S. has gained from Iraq & Afghanistan?

04-18-03, 10:23 AM
I mean long term-decades long.
A better relationship betwen the news media and the military?

The respect of American citizens for it's military forces?

Having the world understand FINALLY that we can & will go it alone if we need to?

An understanding imparted to the world that our hi-tech stuff really works?

Portraying our selves as a compassionate & giving people?(assuming that post war Iraq is not exploited in the coming months)

A posssible location for bases to replace those in Saudi, one of the real axis of evils in the mideast?

It's none of the above. Any or all of those can change with just a few chains of events. (for instance, public opinion and the news media are extremely fickle and possess short memories.)
I'll leave my own opinion out for now, but it is an attribute that is irreversible by anything short of global thermonuclear war.