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04-17-03, 07:40 AM

Please do me a favor and post the following on Leatherneck:

Marines, family and friends,

I would like to thank all of you that are supporting us during this
current deployment. Our morale is high and we believe in what we are doing.
The hardest part about being out here is that we have no idea when we are
coming home. Instead of making rotation calendars, we continue to X the days
out in the regular manner. I know many of you have loved ones serving out
here and it is hard on you. Again, just know that we are fighting for a just
cause. I was recently on a convoy across the border and we were going
through a small village. Our vehicles had to stop due to some vehicle
troubles. As soon as we stopped we were swarmed by locals. They came running
up to us with Iraqi Dinar, in hopes of trading it for our greenbacks.
Capitalism at its finest. As I watched one little girl, approx 8 yrs old,
break the hearts of all the Marines, she cleaned us out. She left the area
and returned on 3 different occasions with arms full of MREs. It is not what
we do to the Iraqi military that makes us who we are, its what we do for the
Civilians of Iraq that continue to define what type of men and women we are.

Semper Fidelis
Sgt Ross B Eisenberg aka SgtOfMarines

(Bones... also write that my email address is available for anyone who wants
to write)

his other addy is on this thread:http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3963&highlight=eisenberg

Eisenberg, Ross B Sergeant: eisenbergrb@mlcdm.usmc.mil

04-17-03, 07:52 AM

Send him a "LEATHERNECK.com" Tee shirt... maybe he'll make the news :D

04-17-03, 08:30 AM

I got a bro with a shirt print shop.... tell me when and send me the copy - or else I'm putting my wife to work on it before you give the go-ahead...

I've known this guy for 30 years. He does my biz shirts.

You have been INFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stand by!

04-17-03, 08:39 AM

Posted it brother!

I was nappin'out or it woulda got posted sooner. Didn't see yer email fer
an hour after it got here. France is startin' to feel the pain. They mouthed
off and now a grass roots boycott is hurtin' them! Some US importers have
lost $500,000 each already! You can get better cheese and wine in the states
anyway! LOL. Have to keep an eye on tourism. Seems people are goin' to Spain
instead of France this year from what some of the travel agents are sayin'.

WMD aside, illegal arms are bein' found all over Iraq from Russia, China and
France. Stuff they weren't suposed to have under UN sanctions. They busted
Saddam's half brother this AM, too. He's one of those who were the 'power
behind the throne.' He's supposed to know where all of the bodies are
buried, so to speak. He was the real money man. He knows where the money
came from and why and what overseas accounts it's all in. They got Abul
Abbas yesterday, in his house on the outskirts of Iraq. Known terrorist.
He's the guy who set up the Achille Lauro hi-jackin' in the 80's. Killed a
cripple, sunk the ship.Got caught and convicted and then the Italians turned
him loose. Saddam wasn't helpin' terrorists at all was he!

Got some of you folks over there diggin' out underground prisons that Saddam
had. Seems the two that they're workin' on were covered with concrete just
before the war began. Left the poor bastards to starve to death. Some rumors
that other like prisons were flooded with water to kill the prisoners.

Bush has got Syria all hot and bothered. Pretty much told them to give up
Saddam's leaders who'd fled there...or else! Iran's makin' empty threats.
Sounds just like Saddam did! Damned Arabs are all screwed up now. They
figgered we were just a big pushover all of these years. Iraq was the
superpower of the middle east. We whipped them in a month's time and the
Arabs can't get over it. The world's changed, bro. This is the biggest
paradigm shift politically in thirty years at least. You boys just changed
the course of history!!!!

If I think about it too much, I'm gonna ****in' cry. You're gettin' payback
for me and others, bro. I lost people I worked with, cried with, drank with,
slept with and stood with, in Tehran, Beiruit, and more good Marines than I
want to think about. I'm proud of ya and I'm glad. The bastard's got a gun
pointed yer way, drop 'em. Yer doin' a good thing in more ways than one.
Maybe they'll learn to leave Americans alone now.

You let yer boys know we're all proud of them.

I'll let ya get on to other things. I talk to damn much, sometimes.

Semper Fidelis, Marine