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07-27-02, 10:36 PM
My name is Sgt Kurz, a Marine Corps Recruiter in the Central New York area, RSS Utica, PCS Oneida.
If anyone has any questions about joining the Corps or questions in general, please feel free to ask.
Knowledge truly is power.
I look forward to answering any and all questions that anyone may have. I will get back with you if I don't have the answers on the spot.

Semper Fi!
Sgt Kurz

07-28-02, 12:42 AM
I already know what Company and Recruit Training Battlion I will be in, can I know what Platoon?

07-28-02, 09:13 AM
While it is known what battalion and company you will belong to when you ship to training, it is not possible to know the platoon number you will be assigned to. Each company has a manpower requirement. The company is formed by platoons. The platoons are filled as recruits arrive at MCRD. Numbers are sometimes juggled to even out the number of recruits in each platoon as recruits are processed. There is no way to know what platoon assignment you will get.

07-28-02, 11:44 PM
Not that I joined cause of the money, but I was looking at the pay charts, now is that how much you are paid monthly or on the 1st and 15th of the month?

07-29-02, 06:55 AM
I hope you didn't join for the paycheck because it is not enough to live off of as a Pvt or Pfc or Lcpl.....
The rate is monthy. Depending on how many dependents you have, where you are stationed, beq, and other factors can increase that amount.:)

07-31-02, 07:51 AM
Divide the number in two for each payday amount (roughly). Remember, taxes and social security come out of that. But remember, you are not paying for meals, clothing or housing. Essentially, it is all spending money. Start planning your financial future by putting some money aside while you're young.

08-03-02, 12:13 PM
Hi. Please give me your thoughts. Im 18 and have completed my first year of college. I live in florida where i am taking advantage of full scholarships for school. I want to join the marines full time but i see that it would be stupid to throw away so much free college money. Would the reserves be a viable option in my case? As i understand it i would go through boot and serve active duty for a short time, then my commitment would only be one weekend a month. Since i have 5 years to use the rest of my scholarship money, would it be plausible to complete my degree under reserve status and then change to active duty full time? Thanks for your help!


The Lion
08-04-02, 10:48 AM
Iam a 16 year old male. I have a lot of interest in history and what happend to our country. Iam also interested in fighting for it. Iam looking forward to joining the Marines after I take an rotc program. Theres only one problem, i've had to have numerous eye surgeries at Bascon Palmer after the tip of the screwdiver hit my left eye when I was three. A year ago i started having hemrages in it and I ended up having the eye removed (an evisoration). I wear glasses to protect my good eye and so I can see (iam 20/20 in right with them on). Iam wondering if iam still able to be in the infantry. Thanks for your time.
-The Lion

08-04-02, 04:39 PM
The reserves is a great idea for you. With your education getting paid for through scholarships, the reserves will offer you the opportunity to be a full-time college student and a part-time Marine. You can even get the GI Bill money for college, even though you have scholarships that already pay for school. You need to speak to a recruiter about the 92-day split "K" program. This is a reserve program that sends you to Recruit Training during your summer and guarantees to have you home in time for the Fall semester. THis will require you to ship to training in May or June in order to complete recruit training, generally, 29 calendar days. Let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

08-04-02, 04:44 PM
Unfortunately, having only one eye is disqualifying. The physical examination administered by MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Stations) requires applicants for all branches to fill out a questionaire and discuss potential disqualifications with the doctor. Having vision in only one eye is a disqualifying condition. To my knowledge, there is no way around this. Regardless of your vision or refraction in your one eye, there will most likely be no way to overcome the established standards for military service. I appreciate your desire to serve as a Marine and hope you continue to be a loyal supporter of those men and women who are Marines.

Semper Fi,

The Lion
08-05-02, 01:29 PM
I feel like someone just shot me. :hurt:

08-05-02, 01:46 PM
Don't be too disappointed "Lion" You can't change history.

Do what all Marines do; suck it up and strive to follow our basic tenets and you'll succeed with your future. Our principals are available for all to follow and will guide you well.

Good luck son!

08-06-02, 07:03 PM
I've been running into some trouble myself Lion, the age clock is ticking in the other direction for me though, and I am wondering if I won't be coming to the same conclusion. So you're not alone here. By the way, an interesting co-incidental trivia fact for you...God's honest truth: I have a one-eyed friend who goes to school in West Palm Beach Fla. Strange coincidence, eh????

The Lion
08-16-02, 08:14 PM
huh thats weird ;)
Gotta catch up on my sleep, school just started it's our first weekend now

Semper Fi :sleeping:

08-28-02, 02:53 AM
Hey Silver_XAT
I planning to join the Reserves too. Like you, I am 18 and I just completed my first year of college. I watch jealously as my cousin went to Boot on the split "K" program( He is the same age and also completed his first year of college). We both plan to finish college while being part time Marines. He told me the split program was full or something. So I am going to go Summer 2003.
I have a question though, can someone explain the Montgomery GI Bill to me? How does it help pay for college. Does it take money out of your pay?


08-28-02, 06:25 AM
That's cool, I was beginning to think i was the only one wanting to do something like this. I'm not doing the 92-k plan though. I'm going to just go to boot around january and be done with MOS training by the end of summer. My scholarships and everything will wait, so why not? The Reserve GI bill as i understand it works like this... If you sign up for less than 6 years of commitment, you dont get any money until you're through. However if you enlist for a 6yr or greater term of enlistment you get a monthly check to help you out so you can go to school while you're still in the reserves<ie what im doing>. I understand also that they just add it in with you're pay and it's one of those things where the money doesnt HAVE to be used for school... it's just yours. I think it totals to a little above $400 B4 taxes. After three years of school, when i get my degree, i'll just fill out the papers and transfer over to active duty. Along with this i'm told, comes the ability to laterally transfer your MOS so you dont have to do the thing you were doing in the reserves just because it was the nearest unit. Good luck, and private message me sometime if you want more info... better yet talk to sixguns about it. I do ;)

08-28-02, 06:27 AM
They dont take anything out of your pay like they do in the active duty program, but then again you dont get as much either. Im not sure if your monthly and GI Bill checks are separated or if they come in a lump sum, but like i said, you put as much of it towards college as you want... If you're going to college full time, you get the money. For instance, i have scholarships and dont need it for tuition, but they still send me the money regardless. Since i commute 35 miles to school both ways, I could damn sure use it to pay for gas.:)

08-28-02, 02:23 PM