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04-16-03, 08:22 PM
US marine alive after being shot eight times

A teenage US marine has told of his relief to be alive after being shot eight times by Iraqi snipers.

Private FC Michael Wayne Meyer, 18, of Austin, Texas, says he has no regrets about not making it all the way to the Baghdad.

He told reporters "coming home alive," was his main goal.

Meyer was helping unload equipment when his unit came under fire.

He was shot eight times, but two of the bullets were stopped by the breastplate in his flak jacket.

He said: "Usually in a reserve platoon (we) don't have much to worry about because Iraqis have given up or run away by the time you need the reserve.

"But we were taking sniper fire. My bullet-proof vest ended up saving my life."

Associated Press

Story filed: 15:35 Wednesday 16th April 2003




Super Dave
04-16-03, 08:31 PM
Ohhh Rahhh...talk about hard core...Would love for him to become a DI and let some recruit whine about needing to go to sick call over some small crap.

Roberto T. Cast
04-16-03, 10:03 PM
Texans are tought. Being a Marine and at the same time being a Texan makes this Marine double tought.

If anybody knows, what is the number of hits taken by a Marine and still live to tell about?

Semper Fi

04-16-03, 11:18 PM
I don't know about your last question, Roberto, but that story isn't quite the way I heard that PFC tell it during the press conference!

He said he was in the reserve platoon, but he was the last Marine on the right flank of his platoon as they were clearing objectives to their front. The three enemy fighters were well camoflaged under and around a bush, his first indication of trouble was when he heard the safetys on their rifles get switched off. They were that close to him!!! He took the hits in both arms and in his leg, the impact from the bullets effectively disabling him. His flak jacket saved his live, taking two of the eight bullets. His fireteam laid down covering fire and the Corpsman came in, under fire, and pulled him to safety. The PFC also took some shrapnel from the grenade launchers of his fireteam. He figgers it was worth the shrapnel to live through it!

The thing that has almost amazed me is the bearing and professionalism of these Marines during those press conferences. Wounded, yet nearly to a man, they all want to be with their units instead of safe and aaway from them. The one Captain said he wanted to go home to be with his beautiful wife.

Well, ya can't blame a man for wantin' to get laid!

Roberto T. Cast
04-17-03, 12:54 AM
Should he be loyal to the Corps first or getting laid come first and loyalty to the Corps comes in second. Can blame a man for wanting to get a piece.:banana:

Semper Fi:marine: