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02-21-08, 11:55 AM

VIDEO: Shopper Knocked Out Over Small Aisle Space

Shocking Video Shows Man Floored In NYC Market

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Sean Hennessey (http://wcbstv.com/bios/WCBS.WCBS.TV.9.8534.html)
NEW YORK (CBS) ― A shocking scene was recently caught on video, a tape police hope will lead to a quick arrest.

The unbelievable images show a shopper just trying to pay up at a corner deli, when out of nowhere he is laid out with a haymaker that conjures memories of a young Mike Tyson.

CBS 2 HD was at the market in lower Manhattan Tuesday night to try to get to the bottom of what caused the nightmare scenario.

The customer's nightmare unfolded innocently enough as he was standing at the counter paying for some items just after midnight on Jan. 6. The shopper, a white man wearing a white coat, suddenly gets walloped by a black man in a dark vest and gray hoodie. Thanks to the deli's security cameras, police now have a fairly clear picture of the assailant as the entire sordid affair was captured from several angles.

The victim may have known he was in danger, but had no idea the punch was coming. A group of men circle him by the counter and he appears to be a victim of verbal taunting. The real pain comes shortly after as the assailant launches a fierce punch that knocks the victim clear out of the camera's view.

The victim takes the brunt of the blow to the head and neck and goes sprawling to the floor. The assailant leaves, but some in his posse go over to the prone victim and take his money.

It turns out the entire episode started from beef over small aisle space.

"And when he pays the money, one of them hit in from the back, in the neck," deli employee Al Kass said.

A customer told CBS 2 HD on Tuesday night he was stunned to hear about the incident, but said it's something that is all too common in the big city.

"It's a shame things like this happen, but they do," Dana Clarke said. "So I'm not terribly surprised."

The aisle where the original dispute started is very narrow, with maybe room for one person.

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and released.

In the meantime, police say thanks to the multitude of surveillance cameras and angles in the deli they are very confident they will be able to find who they are looking for because someone out there has to recognize the assailant.