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02-20-08, 12:46 PM
Good Morning Marines! I have a quick question that i'm sure a few active duty Marines could help me out on. I'm slated to go with a transition team to Iraq this summer, and i will be working the Anbar Province out of Fallujah. I am just curious if anyone, hopefully someone who just got back, can tell me what i can expect out of the province. I'm hoping to find a a no sh*t lowdown on what goes on down there. All i know is i'm going as a machine gunner...so any information would be helpful, even personal experiences would be helpful. Thanks Marines!

02-20-08, 02:42 PM
My boys are all in Habaniya right now. Ive talked to a good buddy of mine says its pretty quiet. He drives through Fallujah everyday just about and he says not a whole lot of action , but they have found some IEds . a little bit of contact but its nothing like it was a few years ago. Still ...its Iraq.