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02-20-08, 12:26 PM
This is going to seem like a very unorthodox question to some. Just giving you a heads up now lol.

I recently returned from Iraq this past May, I was a gunner with the 1st MP's out of Pendleton. I am a reservist, but for this deployment the MP's needed people and I was chosen with 15 others to go with them. Our mission included alot they never told us about (we all know how that goes), to include very close interaction with the local populous, securing HET, foot patrols, mounted patrols, securing UN personnell, etc. Now I am faced with a dilema, my father is going back to Iraq this year, and it would really make me feel better if I was in country at the same time as him. How would I go about finding units looking for volunteers, preferably PTT or MTT teams since we did alot of work with them last deployment and i feel comfortable with it. But i guess "beggers cannot be choosers" in a sense. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thankyou in advance.

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LCpl Quirk

02-20-08, 12:42 PM
Go through your chain of command motivator. Thats the best way to accomplish anything. There are all sorts of teams and units that are going out that are comprised of volunteer augments. Try to get on a transition team where you'll either be training the Iraq police, border units, or military units. However, going through your chain of command is the best way to get you in country.