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04-16-03, 06:09 AM
Well, hell, ya didn't read it when I said it was from a member of this site.


How the hell are ya bro? I'm going to use a cryptic phrase from your
generation and you should understand. I went on another trip north and "I
saw the elephant". The adrenaline rush wAs unbelievable. It all seemed in
slow motion. Cant get into too much details, opsec/comsec and all. It wasn't
a one shot type thing. It was sustained and a full engagement. Came through
with all my guys, thank God. Also thanking God that I will never know the
outcome of my impacts............ nightime is a ***** lol....

My reply:


Damn, I'm glad to hear from ya!

I was wonderin' about ya. Thought mebbe you was too far from the comforts of
home to get in touch with me! LOL. I'm glad yer ok, and glad to hear
everyone in yer platoon is ok. Watch that adrenaline rush, though! It's
****ing addicting! Folks here are rootin' for ya. 80% ratings for Bush and
70% -80% for the troops and the war. The only ones in opposition now are a
few Hollywood wackos and folks with ANSWER and NION who're hard cores
communists. AND I do mean that. Members of the communist and socialist
parties are who're behind most of the anti-war rallies. Lots of folks are
pre-empting the anti-war rallies by showin' up early and stealin' their
thunder. More and more support our troop rallies every day, bro.

I'm doin' good here. SOS every day! Keep the faith, we're rootin' for ya.
You 'boys' are makin' us "Old Corps" Marines proud! Yer doin' a helluva
job! ****, you've raised the bar! Don't know how anyone's gonna top you
guys! LOL. There's new quotes from Marines in Iraq that have already entered
the history and legend of the Corps. "We took Iwo Jima, Baghdad ain't ****."
"Marine, you've been in the sand and dust for weeks now, what do you want
more than anything else right now?" "More ammo." From a Cpl when asked
about patrols."The patrols are necessary, but Marines don't want to do this
kind of work. The Army's better suited for it. Marines should be either
fighting or on liberty." Two Marines were injured in a Humvee accident. They
begged, borrowed and stole their way back to their units on the front...from
an aid station in Kuwait. A report on FOX news showed a wounded Marine being
carried from the front of a firefight on a stretcher, he was firing his M-16
one handed at the enemy as they carried him...Another Marine was shown
laying down cover fire from behind a Bradley. Someone off camera was saying.
"Hold still, hold still!" The Marine moved to a better vantage point...and
we saw the Corpsman trying to treat a wound in the Marine's calf! Another
report, a wounded Marine was in tears. Not from the pain. He wanted to be
back with his unit, fighting.

You're making us proud.

Semper Fidelis, Marine!


04-16-03, 10:17 AM
Read it!

04-16-03, 10:42 AM
Thanks Bones for Sharing........



04-17-03, 01:42 AM
I heard another one about a Marine who's father died right before the war started. They sent him back home to be with his family. Then the war started, and the kid went UA from his Humanitarian...

04-17-03, 02:26 AM
Knowin' the Marine Corps, they'll bust him a pay grade and then give him the medal....I've seen it done! LOL.