View Full Version : Questions about HMX-1 birds

02-12-08, 08:17 PM
How many VH-3Ds are there? I read somewhere there are four.

Are Nighthawk-30 and -55 VH-3Ds, if not what are they?

I have 1 and 2 as VH-3Ds, 3 likely one as well.

-19, -20, -21, -41 and -42 being 46s.
-40 a VH-53

Am I right on any of these? How many total of each airframe?

I hear these guys all the time and occassionally they'll fly by my house too carrying VIPs to a special location.

02-12-08, 09:27 PM
Wrong questions. Thats why they don't stage outside. Loose Lips sink ships and such.:p