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ar devil
04-14-03, 09:06 PM
hello all devils,
I am Pfc Hancock,
to start ill tell about my self, i attended bootcamp in san deigo,
went through SOI and currently going through Security Force Training and i was one of those little punks back in the day that was giving everyone on here hell about getting a insign for "poolee".....well, i am a Marine now and as much as i said i wouldnt, i agree with the marines of that time, we didnt deserve sh*t. I dont know everyones point of veiw on it now nor am i trying to bring it back up but i understand their points now and feel we "the poolees at that time" were out of place....


04-14-03, 09:30 PM

I remember you!

How ya doin' Marine!

Glad to see ya! Helluva wake up call wasn't it! LMAO.

Welcome to the family, brother!

Semper Fidelis, Marine.


04-14-03, 09:50 PM
A new brother, hey - howdy!

Ya, a few of those pooles get a bit anxious from time-to-time.

But don't forget, Marine is spelt with a capital "M."

They taught that well at Parris Island. Don't know about the other.

Welcome back aboard.

semper fi,

04-14-03, 10:07 PM

Glad to see that you made it and now can Proudly Claim "THE TITLE: UNITED STATES MARINE."

Now you understand what we were trying to instill in you and the other Poolee's. I just hope that the other Poolee's in here will take heed and listen to what we have to say and offer. YES! I remember you very well.......LOL

Isn't is worth more to you now that you have earned it and not given it on a SILVER PLATTER.

I look forward to seeing more of you in here and keeping us informed how things are going for you.



PS: Watch out for those SSgt's, We can be Hell on wheels.....LOL

04-14-03, 11:46 PM
PFC Hancock,

I remember the firefight.

When the smoke cleared, and the heat died down, there was a new avitar on this board earned by Poolees.

A point to be made and a lesson to be learned is that many times, all it takes is for one individual to start a ball rolling.

I agreed that Poolees had earned recognition (avitar).

It is interesting to note that you learned to recognize the validity of the other side of the argument.

One thing I learned a long time ago is to be very cautious when everyone agrees with me. We could ALL be WRONG.

When there is disagreement, you have an opportunity to pick and choose.

Welcome Aboard, MARINE!

04-15-03, 05:09 AM
I enjoy the character you display, Marine. You are going to make a fine Marine NCO. The guts it takes to admit the fault is more powerful than the fault itself I believe.

Dammit - I think this Marine needs a wetting down when he earns Corporal, don't you? /me warms up his bloodstripe pins

Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Tony 'Barndog' Barnhart
USMC 1978-1984
MI ARNG 1984-1992

04-15-03, 08:59 AM

I'll be there for his wetting down party.

Not in person, but in spirit.

04-15-03, 05:40 PM
Protect the title from those who have not earned it!

As a Marine you can now see the wisdom and value of not letting everyone use the title or rank insignia of Marines until they themselves become one. I too remember the shots fired and sided with you for a poolee logo. Aren't you glad you did??!!! Poolees havemade a decision to become Marines but aren't yet Marines. Tough situation. The level of commitment to join should put you a step above those who have not signed up.... And so, wehave a poolee avatar!!!! If your leadership then is any indication of how you will lead Marines, you'll do good things. Remember now, as you learned then, use the chain o command to help you solve those tough issues!!! Congratulations on joining the brotherhood and coming backto tell us abou it. I hope you will stay active in this community.


04-15-03, 07:30 PM
Welcome aboard Marine! Man don't that sound good!! MARINE!!!!

04-16-03, 10:37 AM
Just a little perspective here.

This new Marine had raised hell on the site before he went to recruit training. He posted things in several different threads in several different forums before starting on the POOL-ee avatar. Most of them had to be deleted or edited. He was eventually banned from the site. Most people on the site didn't see all of that.

The POOL-ee avatar was already in the works. He got called on the POOL-ee avatar thread over his disrespectful attitude and the previous problems we'd had with him. His apology shows how far he has come and reveals what he has learned about integrity and respect. In the past, he wouldn't have apologised for anything.

His apology means a lot. He's a man now, and it took a man to come back here and offer an apology.

He is a Marine, now, and a brother. I think he'll make us all proud.


Super Dave
04-16-03, 11:06 AM
Ohhh Rahh..
It's amazing how much maturity ones gets in just 3 months. Welcome aboard Marine.