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02-10-08, 05:50 PM
Oorah Devildogs, My name is Dave Bothun and I have formed a group called "The Three Jarheads" 'Comedians to the Corps'. We are all former Marine comedians doing what we can to support the troops.
We are the official comedians of the Iraq War Veterans Organization and donate a portion of all ticket proceeds to their Operation Helping Heal project that aids vets returning home with financial issues. We also do benefits and fundraisers whenever possible, we raised over $2,500.00 and a truckload of comfort items with one show for an Army Ranger platoon in Afghanistan that's been getting hit pretty bad on a consistant basis.
Not telling you this to brag, just to explain my request. I'm looking for your favorite jokes and stories to possibly work into the act, and to help jog my memory since I've been out for over 20 years.
Also any help in getting the word out about what we are on a mission to accomplish, or if you have an event you would like to have us perform in would be more than welcomed.
Bob Woodruff of ABC world news is waiting to do a story on us, and we are sending our demo tape to the USO shortly, so we are on our way, but any additional support would be greatly appreciated. As far as jokes go, I'm most interested in what you as Marines would most like to hear, keep in mind we are out to appeal to all the Armed Forces and their families, we will give them a hard time but it has to be in good fun, and respect is shown to all by the end of the show. Even though we all know we're the best, lol. This is the first time something like this has been done, and who better to send in first than the Marines.
You can check us out on myspace at www.myspace.com/thethreejarheads (http://www.myspace.com/thethreejarheads) or at www.iraqwarveterans.org/ttj/ (http://www.iraqwarveterans.org/ttj/)
you can email us at contact@thethreejarheads.us or reach us by phone at (707) 470-5955.
Thank You in advance, Semper Fi, TTJ.

02-10-08, 06:00 PM
Sounds great! Fill out some of your online profile (http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/profile.php?do=editprofile) and tell about yourself.