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04-14-03, 05:02 AM
We have to give credit for a job well done.
Also from this old Marine point of view, they're under a great deal of pressure.
With this new technology, decisions by a unit leader is reported and shown on TV almost instantly.
Remember the Bloomer Mobile.
We have instant war on the tube.
All the couch potato's can second guess those decisions made under the strain of battle.
Recently some of the TV channels have taken to showing pictures of wounded young Iraqi's.
Some were very graphic in nature.
Those wouldn't have taken place, if the Iraqi's had made a different choice other than placing much of their military hardware close to the civilian population.
Yet we remember many jumping to their deaths at the WTC on 9/11/01.
We must also give credit to those young Marines, that took a lot heat from the "human shields" and young college students in Baghdad.
One human shield was showing this young Marine a photo of injured young Iraqi's and saying these will be attacking you in the future.
Besides calling for the Marines to go home, that we had no right being there.
How soon they forget.
If we apease terrorists, we will be living in fear.
Sometimes the world need "brutal men and women".
We had reporters in Vietnam but this new technology besides the embedded reporters places more pressure than is necessary on the "New Breed"

Semper Fidelis