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Gregg Doll
07-26-02, 08:59 PM
Took the family to Quantico today to visit the Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum... Pulled out of the homestead at 06:00 and got back at 19:30....9 hours of that was road time... We got to see 2/3s of the Museum....Missed the Early Years...Because the building was closed when we first got there. I talked to a Captain that was inside the building and it seems that the Center is moving part or all of the Museum outside of the base and this was the reason that we could not see all of the exhibits..Part of the Early Years exhibit was already in boxes and ready to moved to storage until the new building is done.......Wish I could be there when they move the Biplane....I was also told that they will have the Vietnam exhibit ready in 2004...We are already planning a return visit in the fall, only this time we will camp at the Crossroads Inn for the weekend and take the train into Washington for day trips.

I did get a chance to visit the MCX and spend a few bucks on things I can't get anywhere else except for Sgt Grits.. So over all the trip was well worth our time...It felt great be to back among my fellow Marines again , if only for a few hours...

Semper Fi

07-27-02, 07:34 AM
I could have met up with you and gotten you a few things to take back with you.

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is building a new museum here in the next few years. I believe plans have it being constructed near the I-95 ramp to the back gate. I'll try to find out more for you.

Gregg Doll
07-27-02, 10:35 AM
SSgt Sixguns,

Sure would have been nice to meet you yesterday...I did make note in one of my postings that we would be at MCBQ, but it was a last minute deal... We'll meet next time for sure...Now that I know where MCX and the clubs are at we'll make better use of our time..If we could have gotten a room at the Crossroads we were going to stay overnight..

We wanted to come in the back gate yesterday, but didn't know how to find it...We drove down 70-81-17/50-66-234 to 1 and then to the Main Gate. I try to stay off 95 down that way whenever I can....It was stopped both ways when we crossed over it on the way back home..

Yes, please keep me posted about the new museum.

Semper Fi,