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04-13-03, 03:01 PM
Friday, April 11, 2003

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Axis reunion in St. Pete
The Washington Times lead editorial reads:
Now that Saddam Hussein's regime is history, some of his staunchest defenders will convene today in St. Petersburg, Russia, to discuss ways to minimize the role played by Iraq's leading liberator, the United States, in that nation's postwar recovery. The three leaders who will convene in St. Peterburg Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and French President Jacques Chirac are smarting from their failure to derail President Bush's effort to get the United Nations to enforce its own resolutions requiring Iraqi disarmament. ...

But, a U.N.-controlled postwar administration in Iraq "would merely serve as a Trojan horse for European nations opposed to regime change, enabling them to stake their economic and strategic claims in Iraq," notes Heritage Foundation analyst Nile Gardiner. "The spectacle of French or Russian bureaucrats, who for decades have tried to keep a brutal dictator in power, ruling over the Iraqi people, would be utterly abhorrent.

We agree.
Also in the Washington Times a commentary, Why U.N. can't handle the job by William Triplett, says Iraq has been under a U.N. Arms Embargo since 1990. But that hasn't stopped France, Germany, Russia, and China from funneling weapons and weapons systems into Iraq.

Triplett details recent accounts with specific findings. And concludes that, "Someday the files of Iraq, and the United Nations, will be opened and the full details of this ghastly period will be known. But enough is already known about the phony arms embargo and the corrupt oil for food program and the incompetent WMD inspection system to say, 'Enough is enough.'"