View Full Version : 50 wounded Marines attend Super Bowl for free

02-04-08, 06:08 AM
50 wounded Marines attend Super Bowl for free Reported by: Tim Vetscher
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Glendale is a long way from Iraq.

But it isn't nearly as far as the distance 50 Marines at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday had traveled on their road to recovery.

"I had a rocket go through my Humvee and through my right femur," said Lance Corporal Christopher Bickel of the United States Marine Corps.

The aforementioned injury landed Bickel in the Wounded Warrior Regiment, a division of the Marines which takes care of those injured in combat.

On Sunday, that care included a ticket to Super Bowl 42.

"It's outstanding the support we get from the country, everybody,' said Bickel.

50 Marines received an all expenses paid trip to the Valley to watch the Giants and Patriots in the big game.

"It's awesome," said Corporal Matt Bridges. "It's great to know there are a lot of people who support us and are behind us."

Who won or lost the game didn't seem to matter much to the men and women of the Wounded Warrior Regiment.

To them, the real victory is just being at University of Phoenix Stadium.

"It's a reminder that America still loves us, you know," said Staff Sergeant Christopher Hill.

The tickets were donated by the Cleveland Browns.

The hotels and airfare were all paid for by the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund.