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04-12-03, 12:46 PM
Just heard that the new "Democracy" in Iraq while being based very much after the American model, the people will insist that men can still have two or more wives.

One for upstairs and one for downstairs, and if you have a house with many more rooms, you can have one for each room.

One for the Kitchen, one for the living room, one for well, you get the picture.

Hummm, I wonder if you can play musical rooms, and everyone changes rooms once a week. No, that could get confusing. LOL


04-12-03, 01:39 PM
You actually want 2 woman nagging you? "Where were you?", "Who were you with?", "Did you pay the cable?". "Of coarse I'm not mad, DEAR!", "Is my sister prettier than me?"

You can have that all in stereo!

Roberto T. Cast
04-12-03, 02:44 PM
Go for it. Let the rest us know how good it is and let us know just how many wives their law allows. I guess, the more, the merrier. Also let us know if there is somewhat of government assistance, and that meants money. Good Luck. :banana:

Semper Fi

04-12-03, 04:44 PM
Well, with the higher number of wives, yer bound to get one that cooks really well... one that cleans really well... one that will pick the gunk out from between your toes... one that will ;) really well... etc etc etc...

Then again... They will ALL want jewelry.. they will ALL want special time... etc etc etc...

When's a man to go fishing?


04-12-03, 05:23 PM
Who needs to go fishing, just go to another room, it would be like living another life, works for me.:banana:

Sgt Sostand
04-12-03, 08:14 PM

04-12-03, 08:39 PM
Hey Cook, decided to send Bones over to Iraq to setup a branch for leatherneck.........Since he needs to get a LIFE, figured he can start things up for us.......LOL.......Knowing Bones he will have the women doing all for him.........LMAO



Roberto T. Cast
04-17-03, 01:06 AM
Hey bones, the Drifter is sending you TAD to Iraq. Take Martha Steward with you. She had lots of mula and she knows how to cook.

Semper Fi :marine:

04-17-03, 01:24 AM
Yeah take Martha! Teach her how to really iron and make razor sharp miitary creases. After her insider trading debacle her income went from $100 million a year to only $40 million last year. Must be a tough life for her!

The first week that I was I was married, my ex-wife caught me re-ironing my shirts. She never picked up an iron again! (she never clipped any Irish pennants)

04-17-03, 01:32 AM
yellowwing, they don't know how to fold clothes, either! LOL

Iraq, huh? Sounds interesting. All of those beautiful women in all of those sexy mullahs! It'd be like Christmas every day!

I'll go! Where's the plane ticket? Get my shot card updated and a new pic for a passport, I'm set!

04-17-03, 01:32 AM
One question. Do they have Jack Daniels in Iraq?

04-17-03, 03:27 PM
What's that saying....no matter how good she looks there always someone tired of her _____

04-17-03, 04:12 PM
Since we are sending Bones to Iraq to open up a branch for leatherneck.........We are going to make sure Bones has a good supply of JD.......LOL



04-17-03, 04:41 PM
I'll take one good wife over 10 bad ones anyday.

04-17-03, 09:47 PM
One for upstairs and one for downstairs, and if you have a house with many more rooms, you can have one for each room

What's the up keep on a 2 story mud hut anyway?

04-18-03, 10:12 AM
Quote: No, that could get confusing. LOL

One can be confusing enough. :D :D

SF, Preacher

Super Dave
04-18-03, 10:28 AM
If i could never win a argument with 1 wife, why would I want more? And multiple honey-do lists..NO!!!!