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04-12-03, 10:42 AM


Saddam Hussein was killed during a US air strike on a Baghdad building, according to information intercepted by American intelligence.

But the Americans refuse to confirm Saddam's death because his remains could not be found in the building's ruins.

Agencies were said to have tapped into communications between former Iraqi leaders, although not members of Saddam's inner circle.

"They were telling each other they think he's dead," an official told the Washington Post.

"We don't know if they really know or not, or if they are trying to fool us."

A senior intelligence official told The New York Times that US authorities were "leaning more towards the idea that he is dead.


A B-1 bomber dropped four 2,000-pound 'bunker-buster' bombs on a Baghdad building on Monday where Saddam was thought to be meeting with senior aides.

On Friday, US President George Bush and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said they lacked sufficient information to come to any conclusion about Saddam's fate.

"I don't know the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein. I don't know if he's dead or alive. I do know he's no longer in power," Mr Bush said.

Mr Rumsfeld said he had not seen enough reliable intelligence to convince him Saddam was dead.

"I also lack conviction that he's alive," he said.