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01-22-08, 06:34 PM
Some of you know me.. I am a Marine in the Air Wing.. Deploying end of march/beginning of April timeframe. My husband is already over there and his unit and mine are swapping out with eachother. He is an augment with that unit and is extending to stay there until we both can come back with my unit. ANYWAYS, I am here by myself, the FRO(family readiness officer) hasnt helped much and I am in the dark. This is my first deployment and I dont know what to do with myself. My husband won't be here to help me out, and with both of us being there, I am the one to make sure all the bases are covered. ANY help would be appreciated. Its hard to plan something when BOTH of us are deployed..

01-22-08, 06:37 PM
What exactly are you wanting to know?

01-23-08, 06:47 AM
USAA has an awesome program available that helps with every aspect of deployment. Try their website www.usaa.com (http://www.usaa.com).

I swapped all our car insurance while my husband was deployed and their help with everything else was amazing. They also have free financial planning! I probably sound like an advertisement, but I do know they have deployment assistance. Try there if you don't have any luck with your readiness center.


Sgt Leprechaun
01-28-08, 04:08 AM
Some hints:

Start packing and shipping stuff now. You'll be surprised how fast the date will sneak up on you. It's cheaper to send stuff home than to put it in a storage locker. Suggest you do that. Don't be in too much of a rush to toss things in the dumpster, you'll just have to replace stuff later.

Pack stuff you know you'll need, and extras.

Relax. Pack plenty of books in your carry on bag. The flight is long and boring. You'll be too excited to sleep.

Think about keeping up with your PME while deployed. There will be more down time than you think. If you don't want to do PME, do some on-line courses or work on an AA degree. Do something constructive. Make good use of your time. Boredom is going to be something you have to deal with, and 'idle hands' are for real, the biggest enemy you'll likely face.

By all means, keep us updated.