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07-26-02, 09:28 AM
The Navy is circulating a new document outlining its plans for a
21st-century transformation.
One idea is to create Expeditionary Strike Groups. These will expand the
Navy's ability to strike land targets from carrier groups. The new
sea-strike capability will be given to Marine amphibious groups and
The proposal is contained in a document titled "Naval Transformation:
Roadmap, Power and Access from the Sea. Sea Strike. Sea Shield. Sea Basing."
"Concepts under development such as the Expeditionary Strike Force
facilitate the broad application of Sea Strike capabilities by reallocating
a portion of the rapidly growing Navy strike capability to complement and
support the strike capability of Marines embarked on amphibious ships," says
the paper. It was signed by Navy Secretary Gordon England; Adm. Vern Clark,
chief of naval operations; and Gen. James Jones, Marine Corps commandant.
"These new packages of surface combatants, submarines and Marine forces,
called Expeditionary Strike Groups, will complement Carrier Strike Groups
and double the number of places where naval forces can deliver and sustain
effective striking power," the three men say.