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01-11-08, 01:27 PM
Hello everyone, since I am a poolee I thought I would post this in here. I ship out to PI this monday the 14th so anyone else going good luck see ya there...but the real reason I post is, my dad a former Marine and Vietnam Vet recently had a book written about him and his experiences of the war and dealing with it afterwards as well as helping a wounded Iraqi vet at Walter Reed deal with his stiuation as well, so I thought it would be great if some of you Marines and/or anyone else could find some time to pick up the book (might have to get it online) and maybe post some feedback on here for me and maybe him to see when I get back in 3 months, the book is called, Still the Monkey written by Alivia C. Tagliaferri. So yes that would be cool, ya'll take care and have a good day see ya back here in a few...months


David Jameson
01-11-08, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the info and good luck.