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07-25-02, 04:56 PM
This is from their current homepage. I was with them April 1977 to late 78, then again from 1981 til I went to seps in late October of 1983. I am most proud of the work I did there.

About HMT-301

Welcome to HMT-301, the "Windwalkers!" We are glad to have this opportunity to acquaint you with our team of professionals. As part of Marine Aircraft Group 24, our squadron is a small, highly-trained team of instructor pilots, crew chiefs & maintenance and support personnel who take great pride in our unique mission. Our job of training pilots and crew chiefs to become proficient, combat capable aircrew that are able to perform all basic duties associated with employment of the CH-53D helicopter is an exciting and challenging mission. We train and designate aircrew who are then assigned to the three tactical CH-53D squadrons, which are also located here at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. By providing this specialized introductory aircrew training, which is steeped in safe, proficient operating procedures, we facilitate the subsequent pursuit of higher levels of tactical training expertise required by all aircrew in the fleet squadrons.

-Mark D. Franklin, LtCol, USMC

Squadron Mission

To safely provide highly trained replacement aircrew (pilots and crewchiefs) to the CH-53D Squadrons of Marine Aircraft Group 24.


Marine Helicopter Training Squadron 301 will consistently achieve excellence in the training of replacement Aircrew and in all other endeavors through the application of sound judgment, quality training, careful planning and professional execution of all assigned tasks.

Our success will be guaranteed by strong leadership, total professional commitment to duty, innovation, teamwork, and an atmosphere whereby ideas are expressed openly and freely regardless of grade/rank or experience.

We take care of our own and conduct ourselves as professionals both on and off duty.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are Honor, Courage and Commitment. These are more than words, they are everyday ideals that we must live by throughout our lives.

As MARINES we are our countrys premier fighting force; we are the first called in war or peace. Therefore, it is imperative that we are prepared both mentally and physically.

No task is too difficult or too large: we operate according to established procedures and rules while at the same time seeking innovative solutions to problems.

Every one of us is a unique individual, yet all serving the same cause.

Strategic Goals

Maintain our equipment in the best possible state of readiness and, where possible, seek to increase its capability by proactively recommending improvements up the chain of command.

Foster an atmosphere where quality training can take place.

Improve standard operating procedures, syllabuses and training aids.

Prevent mishaps on and off duty.

Ensure our families receive the proper support and are prepared for contingencies as well as we are.

Improve internal squadron communications and information management, while promoting a free exchange of information between the squadron and higher headquarters.

Enhance the professional education of all hands, through non-resident courses and professional schools.

A Brief History of Marine Helicopter Training Squadron (HMT) 301

HMT-301 was activated at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Tustin, California as Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron 301 on 1 April 1966. Flying the UH-34 Sea Horse, the squadron provided advanced training for Vietnam-bound aircrews.

In January 1968, the squadron transitioned to the CH-53A Sea Stallion aircraft and was re-designated as Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron 301. In March 1972, HMT-301 and HMT-302 were merged into one squadron. This added the CH-46 Sea Knight to HMT-301's inventory.

During October 1983, the CH-53E super Stallion was introduced along with the Fleet Readiness Aviation Maintenance Personnel Program. With these additions HMT-301 became the largest helicopter training squadron in the Marine Corps.

HMT-301 has been awarded the CNO Safety Award five times and during November 1992, the squadron surpassed 100,000 class 'A' mishap free flight hours, the first and only Marine Helicopter squadron to achieve this safety milestone.

On 30 September 1993, HMT-301 was deactivated at Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, California, due to the scheduled closure of that facility.

HMT-301 was reactivated on 24 August 1995 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. HMT-301 continues to support the Fleet Marine force with the best trained pilots and crew chiefs in the Marine Corps.