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Sgt Sostand
04-08-03, 02:51 PM
Freedoms Price

It doesn’t matter, the color of your skin, who you are or where you been. It doesn’t matter whether it is your son, your daughter, or just a friend, old Glory waves, proud and true, stands as a sign of the freedoms our soldiers give to you.

These “Human Shields” stand against war. They scream, shout, and raise their fists at America asking what are we doing this for? I wonder if they would be against war, if a bomb signed ‘special delivery’ was dropped on their door. I wonder if on 911 their cell phone rang with a call from a loved one, a voice filled with pain. The towers are falling, we were hit from behind, then would these protestors be so blind?

So stand, shout, and cry no more war! It is your right; this is what our brave soldiers have laid down their lives for. They didn’t ask why, didn’t protest or cry, just thought of you, and your freedoms you toss aside. Then like the brave soldiers, sons, daughters and friends they are, thanked God for America, closed their eyes and died.

Author Pat Walker

April 2003

04-08-03, 03:04 PM
thank you for posting this and may God bless our troops and America