View Full Version : Army refuses to share heroic 'narratives' with the public

12-11-07, 04:30 AM
Army refuses to share heroic 'narratives' with the public

The (Baltimore) Sun says the Army won't release the one- or two-page narratives that describe the heroics of 350 soldiers and Marines who have received the Silver Star since 2001.

"Army lawyers and bureaucrats have blocked requests by The Sun and others to open these war stories to the public," the paper says. "They cite, among other reasons, potential threats to soldiers' privacy and safety."

The Pentagon routinely issues photographs and press releases with the name, hometown and other identifying information about those military personnel who receive such high military honors.

"The military's always complaining about how nobody writes about their heroes. Well, how the hell are you supposed to write about heroes if the Defense Department doesn't give up the information?" Doug Sterner, a decorated Vietnam veteran and historian, tells the Sun. He has been waging what the paper describes as "a noisy fight to bring these heroes into the public light."

The Sun says the Army has denied its requests for the records under the Freedom of Information Act. The paper has yet to receive a response to an appeal it filed with the service in December 2006.