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12-09-07, 03:13 PM

I need some less-biased answers. My father being a former Marine gave great advice but sometimes I don't know when he's giving me advice based on his experience as a Marine or as a father.

A little background info... Said I'd be a Marine since I was five at my brother's graduation at Parris Island. Needless to say I stuck to my guns; however, I fell in love and all that soft s---. I did not change my mind but altered my plans. Going into Motor Transport as that was what the nearest reserve center offered. While I don't mind Motor T, I'd rather be active duty; and in the 0300 field.

I talked about things with my wife and have been increasing my runs and workout routine. I'm not making ANY decisions until April as I should be picking up in March. Motor T and Infantry cutting scores are two different stories...

There are a few issues I need to clear in my mind first:

My Dog:
She's my little girl, I love the damn thing to death. She, with some help from my pistol prevented a home invasion a couple months ago... She's great with my son and I don't want to break his heart either. She is just all around an awesome, well-behaved family dog. There's no way I would ever get rid of her...

I know dogs are prohibited in Pendleton base housing, and you can't take dogs overseas so that rules out Okie. That leaves me with Lejeune. Does company honor man out of SOI get choice of duty station? If I am sent to Pendleton, is housing allowance decent enough to get something comparable to the base housing and still take care of all the utilities?

My Family:
I was urged by my father to think about what's fair to my wife and son. He does not even know I have a second child on the way; my wife and I are not telling anyone until Christmas as she's only a couple weeks pregnant right now. Anyway, back on topic... He said in the 0300 field I would be in some barracks 6-8 months out of the year, leaving them alone states away from our families. Both her and I understand and are prepared for that. Though I have not specified a certain base, these questions are based on everyone's personal experiences with where ever they have been... How is life on base? Are there regular community events? How is the housing for a married Marine with two children?

In Closing:
So those are my concerns. I got a lot spinning in my head right now. I want to be in an infantry unit; if I had no attachments I'd wait to pick up and go straight from my promotion to sign some new papers.

My father recommended aviation. As it would be a little more family friendly, not to mention there are plenty of air stations on the east coast, close to home (Florida).

Honestly what would you do in my situation? I appreciate any answers you could provide, or other things I should be thinking about that I have not mentioned.

sgt tony
12-09-07, 06:34 PM
As you know being a Marine is not a easy way to go with a family or that loyal friend your dog.
As being an 03 it is not easy but it can be done. It does mean that you may be gone and away at times but if you go to any field you can expect that at times. You will not live in barracks unless you are on a unaccompanied tour and that is over seas.
You BAS is adjusted from each area as to give you the chance to live in each areas such as Camp Pen or Lejune. Yes you can live in town and it will not be a walk in the park. You just learn and adapt.

May what I have said help you in your decision. All I can say is that you do what is in your heart and in your families heart.