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04-08-03, 07:37 AM
Hey all. I'm a high school senior living in Russia (parents are missionarys) and i'm considering joining the Marines when I move back this summer.
Is the ASVAB required to join the Marines? I can't get to a Recruiters office until June, so i'm depending on the net and sites like this for my info. Thanks!

04-08-03, 07:43 AM
First, if ya haven't seen a recruiter, yer not a POOL-ee. Go back to yer profile and dump the avatar. The flag will work for now.

Second, All of the information you need to get started is posted in the POOL-ee Hall and Marine Mentor forums.

Read it.

Then get back to me.

( Man, I'm gonna miss ktriplett....)

Seeley! Yer up!

04-09-03, 06:45 AM
There are study guides and reference books available to help you to prepare for the ASVAB. Check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble and see if you can have the study guide shipped to you there. Unfortunately, there are no recruiting offices in Europe anymore. You cannot enlist until you return to the United States. The question I have for you is will you obtain a U.S. high school diploma? Are you being home schooled? or studying in a foreign school? The requirement for enlistment is a U.S. high school diploma or its equivalent.

04-09-03, 07:48 AM
wrbones, sorry, i didn't know that. the avatar is gone.

Sixguns, yes, I am attending an International school and will receive a high school diploma. I'm debating with myself right now whether I should enlist this summer or attend college, as I've been accepted, but I'm not sure if I really want to go.

04-09-03, 08:12 AM
SixGuns and Mikky can answer all of your questions!

While you're waiting for them, I invite you to take a look at our POOL-ee Hall and Marine Mentor forums! A lot of your questions will be answered there, in addition to many questions that you never thought to ask!

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here. You came to the right place.


04-09-03, 07:26 PM
Is the college in the United States or elsewhere??

If it's in the U.S., I recommend coming back to go to college and apply for enlistmentduring or at the end of your first semester. The college credits could earn you a promotion coming in and may be needed if your foreign diploma is not seen as equal to a U.S. diploma.

Food for thought.

04-10-03, 11:05 PM
If you are considering college, you might want to look into OCS. But if you're ready to go now then enlist. And also from your other thread post, I'd wait until you got to your final place in Texas because it'd be much more convenient to be downt he street from your recruiter.

04-12-03, 09:50 PM
Thanks gatormatt. I've pretty much ruled out going to college for 4 more years then OCS, I'd rather get a degree while in the Marines.

Are there any classes or courses that you would suggest, Sixguns? Or would it make a whole lot of difference. I know as a freshman I'll be pretty lucky to get the classes I want.

04-13-03, 06:51 PM
Taking the core classes. English Composition, a math course. Really any class not specifically tied to a major. The reason is that, one, these courses will help you on your ASVAB Test and two, they will most likely be accepted by another school (even if you change your major) for credit.

It is a smart move to let the Corps help pay for your education. That's how I worked it. If you are going enlisted, join in the fall semester and ship to training in January after the Holidays. This will also get you the credits to earn a promotion to PFC before you ship to training. You will need to take 15 college credits and pass (any college level course, not prep course) to get the promotion.

Just food for thought.

04-14-03, 07:40 AM
Thanks again, Sixguns. Would it be much difference between going one semester or going the whole year? Just curious. And, should I take the ASVAB this summer before college, or only before I'm sure to enlist?