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Gregg Doll
07-24-02, 05:12 PM
Does anyone one know how many Marines served in Vietnam??
I would like to know how many Enlisted and how many Officers.

07-24-02, 09:07 PM

Click on the link to take you to page that has a lot of figures.
More than you might want.
But the numbers you want are there.
A question;
When you say served in Vietnam.
Do you mean from 1965 to 1975?
Because many served there before 1965.
Also many served at sea in that area, so they too will have to be add to those numbers.
Some served in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.
In support of those in Vietnam.
Their service was as important as those serving in Vietnam.
So you question might need to be more defined.

Gregg Doll
07-25-02, 09:38 AM

Thanks for the quick reply to my question....

One fact that I always found to be amazing is that 19% of deaths in Vietnam were due to "Friendly Fire".

I became a casualty of friendly fire when a F4 dropped naplam on the 2nd plt of F2/5 in August 68 near the Liberty Bridge. Two of our bothers died in Japan and most of the 2nd paltoon never saw combat again. Several of us were retired from the Corps because of our burns.

As I type this reply, members of F2/5 are forming in Charleston S.C. for our bi-annual reunion.

Semper Fi,

07-25-02, 09:51 AM

Welcome Home! Glad ya made it back alive.

07-25-02, 10:31 AM
From one Vietnam Veteran to another Vietnam Veteran.
You served in much of the same areas that SparrowHawk describes in his book and diary.
I served a little northeast of where you served and just east of Hill 55 in 1967 before moving North.
The 5th Marines took over much of what the 7th and 1st Marines had being covering.
So again "Welcome Home".
I know some object to those words because they have lost any meaning because of the outright hostility that we were subjected to after having served in Vietnam.

Gregg Doll
07-25-02, 11:36 AM

Welcome Home to you also.

If you've been to my website you know that "Welcome Home Marines" is on the first 3 pages.. I made that banner before I even got the pages started...I use those words eveytime I meet another Viet Vet...

My tour in Nam started with H&S Co 1st Medical Battalion just up the road from the Freedom Hill PX...I just found some B&W negatives from there that I thought were lost, I'll be adding then to my photos pages as so as I can get them printed and scanned.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day at Quantico, if anyone is stationed there get back to me...I'll try to stop and
say hello.

Semper Fi,

Gregg Doll
07-25-02, 11:42 AM
Thank you.
Damn glad to be home and proud of the company I'm in.