View Full Version : Cherry Point located in Nowhereville

11-29-07, 11:52 AM
....there is nothing here.... oh wait, besides NJP's, yeah, nothing. Rah for Marines being so bored even drinking isn't fun anymore?

11-29-07, 12:12 PM
Cherry Point isn't bad. There isn't much in Havenot, but you're not far from Greenville, and that is a great place to be on the weekends. New Bern has just about anything you'd want as far as places to eat and shop. And, when it warms up Atlantic Beach isn't a bad place to spend time.

And hey, it isn't like you're stuck in 29 Palms. You're not that far from civilization!

11-29-07, 12:45 PM
Hey floflo. We used to call it cherry pit in the early 80's. I guess things havn't changed much. Take care Marine.

11-29-07, 12:56 PM
We used to go to Atlantic Beach in the summer, when we didn't go to Myrtle Beach. While ECU was back in we went to Greenville.... on second thought thats were I met my wife :scared:

Just kidding, she's not that bad.

11-29-07, 01:37 PM
I remember having quite a good time at the bowling alley there in Cherry point. I also remember the nice tall trees when we flew in. IF I was there I would go out in the woods.
We were just spending an overnight there though as we were on our way to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.

11-29-07, 03:55 PM
I was stationed there for 3 yrs 56 57 58 ,Through the week All we did was go to movies, slop shute and look foward to a long weekends to go home..We went to New bern and Morehead City too..
c ball

11-29-07, 04:12 PM
Miss Flo Flo,

Cherry Point was my 1st duty station when I went in at 18. I went to school at Camp Pen (DelMar) where things are MOVING! only to be stationed in NO WHERE VILLE. I know exactally how u feel. I even got married out of BOREDOM (Please don't do that). Not much has changed eah? NC is pretty just hard to get used to if you are from the city. Sorry! but 3 yrs will fly by! do some space A traveling. you are on an AIR Base.

11-29-07, 04:15 PM
Take advatage of seeing that part of the world. Go a visist some of the old civil war sites in PA and Maryland. That was the only way i made it through being in that part of the world.

11-29-07, 07:08 PM
Were you on the SAF detail when the Generals building burnt down a few months ago?

11-30-07, 05:03 AM
Yeah, The beach... Traveling all over the East Coast, Because quite actually going back to PI on a 96 and watching recruits is actually kind of entertaining. Who knows, Maybe I just like Smokey Covers. But thanks for the advice. But I'm a cali woman, so I'm going to ride out the last few months of my 2 years on station and go right back to the West where people don't interbreed and say "Do What?" and "That there daggum" ....yup.

11-30-07, 06:55 AM
don't know why everyone is *****in...stationed there for 3 years and loved every minute of it...recently applied for civilian police officer there just to go back.