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11-29-07, 07:47 AM
Losing A Local Marine
Reported by: Sarah Jindra / WCIA 3 NEWS
Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007 @10:22pm CST

People in Arcola say the death of Allen Roberts is a tragedy for the whole town. The Marine graduated from Arcola High School in 2004. He died while serving in Iraq, however the Marines aren't yet releasing details of his death.

Military officials went to his mother's work Wednesday morning to give her the news. Shortly after, people all over town began to hear what happened. They all say it's hard to believe something like this can happen to such a giving young man.

His guidance counselor at Arcola High School, Cindy Mills, remembers him as the person who just wanted to help others. "Anytime you needed help, Allen was there. I don't ever remember a time he didn't want to do something to help people in some way," says Mills.

He participated in football, basketball and drama. He was an only child who always had his mothers support. There's even a picture of the two in his senior yearbook. Teachers remember his pleasant attitude. "He was always kind, compassionate, he would do anything to help other kids. He always had a smile," says teacher Debbie Sosamon.

Even in high school, he already had the Marines in his heart. His senior quote is one of its: Pain is weakness leaving the body. Those who knew Roberts say his passing is a terrible loss to the entire community. "He is a good, good solid kid. The type of person that makes the world go around and he will be missed," says Mills.

The school plans to honor Roberts in some way and so does the city. All this is still sinking in. The mayor says this is the first time a tragedy like this has hit so close to home for him. Arcola will lower all flags to half staff Thursday.