View Full Version : AD to Reserve?

11-27-07, 11:41 AM
Is it possible to go from AD to reserves? I am still at my MOS school here in Pensacola... I think it's too late to switch but It doesn't hurt to double check! I'd like to be closer to home and take care of my sick mom!

11-27-07, 05:44 PM
I don't have the exact facts in writing, but from what I was told by a recruiter "You can always go from the reserves to active, but not from active to the reserves".

11-27-07, 07:35 PM
hmm interesting you might try the thing is you are taking up a TO slot for a reserve position and CMC would more than likely have to replace that and take one away for the job you want..

But the thing is this it will be hard since right now you are in school status the best bet is to talk to your teachers and press the issue and try to get a career planner to work on it.

The best thing you have going for you right now is you are active right now. Its really REALLY hard to transition from reserves to active (once you are checked in with your reserve unit and leave active duty status) it takes a long time and you ahve to to submit packages etc and even then you might simply get active reserve which means youll be with a reserve unit but work every day.

If you wish to stay active you better jump on top of getting the ball rolling as fast as possible..