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07-24-02, 08:31 AM
Leatherneck.com Partners With Marine Corps Recruiting Command

July 25, 2002

Jacksonville, FL -- Leatherneck.com, a Marine Corps website devoted to serving the community of past, present and future Marines, announced today it has partnered with Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC). With up-to-date news, video feeds, live chat and discussion forums, Leatherneck is the ultimate Marine Corps resource. Of importance to MCRC is the portion
of the site devoted to helping prospects get information about the Marine Corps. Questions from members of the Delayed Entry Program can also be answered. A forum known as "The Poolee Hall," allows site members to post questions and get needed information from a moderator and/or other website members. Additionally, MCRC is provided with member and site visitor data for those requesting enlistment information. The leads are then processed through the Priority Prospect Card program and delivered to recruiting stations.

"We are very excited to be working with MCRC," said Gerald L. Shaffer, President and CEO of Leatherneck.com. "We have many Marines from different eras in Marine Corps history including World War II and Korea. These Marines represent years of experience and wisdom. Their advice to possible recruits and future Marines is priceless." Leatherneck provides possible recruits and future Marines with a unique chance to interact with Marines. This opportunity provides site members the chance to exchange and share information 24 hours a day.

'We pride ourselves on the service and respect we give interested prospects who log on the website," said Shaffer. "Other military websites do not seem to have the level of commitment and dedication we have in nurturing prospective applicants and members of the delayed entry program. Marines on Leatherneck have been very receptive and encouraging to the potential future Marines. We simply have a great group of Marines who are passionate about being Marines and passionate about helping guide future Marines."

Ultimately Leatherneck.com will guide youth on their decision to join the Marine Corps and help educate recruits before they ship to recruit training camp. The reward is a well prepared future Marine who will succeed at recruit training.

07-24-02, 12:12 PM
Wow, hats off to you Jerry, and a hand salute.

Looking forward to helping out in any way I can.

Its not always a Marine can "Come Home," and feel welcomed at a web site. Leatherneck.com is by far an outstanding site where Marines, and future Marines can come and feel right at home, no matter what war, or time of service.

This is the only site; I have felt comfortable enough to invite Marines I served with in Vietnam, because here they are treated with the respect and honor they long deserved.

Keep up the good work.

Semper Fi