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04-06-03, 03:20 AM

I would like to recommend a site to visit, and once you do, you will return to it many, many times.


It will save me the effort of copying their articles and posting them at leatherneck.

The following was copied from their home page. It is a menu of their latest articles available four your enjoyment and entertainment.

Other than my wanting to share some excellent satire with my Brothers, (yes, jchristin, and Sisters) I have no involvement in the website.

Breaking News: Saddam surrenders; Just a 'delaying tactic': Bush
Allies: US leaflet campaign causing headaches at Kuwaiti Kinkos
Troops: 3rd Evidence Planting Division call up for Iraq duty
Poll: Americans surprised they were living 'at the mercy' of Saddam
Opinion: Please, someone say 'decapitation strike' one more time

Long lines at Kinkos
U.S. leaflet campaign causing headaches at Kuwait City Kinkos location. Go>>

3rd Evidence Planting Division Called Up
The Pentagon is sending America's elite evidence planting troops to Iraq. Go>>

Wildly popular McVermin sandwich returns to McDonald's
Chelsea, Monica pass on Interstate 95
UPS driver takes message on inspirational poster to heart French fry boycott brings France to its knees; Paris in ruins
Saddam announces unconditional surrender; not good enough: Bush
U.S. leaflet campaign causing headaches at Kuwait City Kinkos

Local man gets zestfully clean
Disaster as local keg floats
Local man gets hardy chuckle out of 'Simpsons' rerun
Lego Trees talks Lego Space Cadet out of suicide attempt Eyewitness: NBA player goes home to wife after game
Martha Bukre, Klu Klux Klan to team up in 'buddy system'

Quantum Mechanics union mulls strike vote over 'uncertainties'
Aliens respond to SETI signals; attack New Mexico facility
Opinion: First contact...now what?
Affleck, Beelzebub renew contract through 2006 Oscars
Completely worthless art uncovered at Milwaukee garage sale
Love Pump Kittens put finishing touches on debut demo tape