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04-05-03, 10:18 PM
Monday, at 0-Dark-30, I will be starting out on my trip to MCRD San Diego for three months of fun in the sun. I'll be popping in here every once in awhile between now and then, but I wanted to take a few moments now to express my gratitude to all of you who have motivated me, yelled at me, encouraged me. Your help and words of wisdom have helped to prepare me (as much as one can be prepared) for what I will be facing during the next thirteen weeks. It has been a great few months, and I will always be appreciative for what you've done for me, and what you've done for all the poolees and wannabes who hang out on this site.

Poolees: keep the faith, don't let anyone get you down. It's all worth it in the end.

04-05-03, 10:21 PM
I never yelled at you!

Well, not much anyway..... :D

You'll do fine, ktriplett. Just keep yer mouth shut and yer eyes and ears open!

I'm sure you'll make us all proud.

04-05-03, 11:42 PM

During boot: shut-up, stay quiet unless spoken too. Do exactly as you are told. Listen carefully to what is said, listen very carefully.
If there is something you don't fully understand - ask. Say something along the lines of, "hey dude, what the h-ll did you say?" You will receive a fast reply that will show that you are on a buddy-buddy footing with your DI.

Good luck to you kid. When you get out, you'll be one of us. Hope you write back and tell us everything.

For the two nights before you leave, sleep. I mean really get a lot of sleep. It'll pay off during your processing days at MCRD.

semper fi,

04-06-03, 12:19 AM
Don't know if it's too late for you to get this, but here it is anyway.. last minute, last bit of advice. While you are in Boot Camp and if your Drill Instructor states something that is a bit off from what you've heard or been told on this site just say;

"Sir, recruit ktriplett requests permission to speak to Drill Instructor (rank & name)" If he gives you the permission, continue with, "Sir, not to contradict the Drill Instructor but on leatherneck.com they said... "

Fun, I'm sure, will be had by all. Good luck to ya and, on a more serious note, for the questions you may have, ask 'em when you are in receiving - it's a bit calmer, getting you ready for when you are with your series.

Make the most of the time you are there... they will be good memories. Again, good luck to ya.

04-06-03, 10:51 AM
Ktripplet, We know you will do good in Boot Camp. With your attitude and ambition you could become the Honor Marine of your Platoon. I know you will do us all proud. Look forward to the day we can welcome you into our Brother/Sister Hood.



04-09-03, 12:11 AM
69 days left and i'm out of here to San Diego

04-10-03, 01:27 AM

The next 68 days will past quickly, and then...

Be sure to keep a journal of your boot experience. Even if it is just a few pieces of paper, keep a running account. Ten, Fifteen, Twenty years later it will be so valuable to you, especially when you have a reunion with old boot buddies.

If you have dental insurance, go see a dentist. Boot isn't the best place to have dental work done. It will take you away from training you need. It happend to me.

Know the chain of command? What is it? When would you salute an E-6? Under what conditions?

semper fi,

04-10-03, 02:06 AM
When he's acting OOD and under arms.

04-10-03, 02:20 AM
Hey Pooles,

Is Bones correct?

semper fi,

04-10-03, 02:07 PM
Because he is a Medal of Honor Recipient!!!

(Yep, that's right. Yet another instance.)


04-10-03, 02:21 PM
Remember you can say a lot with your demeanor also......so watch that. Enjoy the SUN!!!!!!! Have a GOOD TIME!!!!!

Remember the Corps is not bootcamp, dont' let it get you down. See you when you return!

04-11-03, 12:37 PM
Good Luck at MCRD. Try not to get singled out (in a bad way) by your DIs too much. Memorize those general orders too. You will save yourself a lot of push up time.

You won't regret joining the Marines. I did four years in the Corps from 1988 to 1992 and I think that it was the best descision I made in my life. Welcome to the family.

04-12-03, 01:31 AM
It does not say in our booklet when to salute an E-6 (Staff Sgt). Any information that you Marines have for me to memorize (besides General orders, chain of command, word lists, Mission of the Marine Corps, or the Articles of............. dang I can't think of the name......it starts out with "I am an American fighting in the armed forces............., anyways if you have any info besides that I should memorize please send it to my email at
Thank you

04-12-03, 01:46 AM
...or the Articles of............. dang I can't think of the name......it starts out with "I am an American fighting in the armed forces............

03, were you thinking of the Code of Conduct?

04-12-03, 01:54 AM
Put "Code of Conduct" in the Leatherneck.com search engine. It will take you to a relevant post by one of the Marines who posts here. Hope it will better prepare you.

04-12-03, 02:01 AM
Try this link for the Rifleman's Creed.:marine:

04-12-03, 02:03 AM
That stuff is all on this site. 03 just doesn't like to read is all.

04-12-03, 02:11 AM
Yes Sir I was

04-12-03, 02:12 AM
This is startin ktriplett's fifth day with the DI's! I wonder if he's one of their favorites yet! :D

04-12-03, 02:15 AM
Thank all you Marines. Wasn't today Black Friday for them Sir?

04-12-03, 02:32 AM
Black Monday, Black Tuesday, Black Wednesday......it's all kinda harsh til ya hear that last 'dismissed'.

They'll be thinnin' them out some, yeah.

04-12-03, 02:40 AM
I wasn't sure Sir because my recruiters always talk about Black Friday. 66 days left