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11-08-07, 12:17 PM
I just saw a program on our Military Channel about Royal Marines training.
One part focused on a Colonel or Lt. Col. addressing the cadre about "beasting" or corrective training.
One thing that got my attention was his saying today's youth are different from those of the past . . . yada yada.
This took place, I think, in 1999.
I hope that the sergeants did the usual with bad advice, said yes sir! and then went on doing what works.
Same thing has been going on in the USA for years. They don't understand that war isn't nice.

Rob Parry
11-24-07, 03:03 PM
Kent, there is a new TV series entitled 'Commando'. It's not brilliant, tending to rely on coverage of a couple of losers, but there are some interesting aspects.
The producer/cameraman was 55 years old. He completed the Commando tests. His story is told in 'The 55 year old Commando'. It's a much better piece of work in an hour long programme, than the other series.

Don't you worry your head, people get treated to the full extent of mud and wet, no favours, no prisoners. :D